The best of the Amalfi Coast

Although sipping Limoncello in the enchanting town of Sorrento or strolling through the streets of Positano can be breathtaking. The only way to see the Amalfi Coast and to experience its beauty is by a yacht charter. Hopping onboard either a crewed motor-yacht, catamaran or a bareboat promises to create the most memorable experience on the water.

Broker Alice highlights the best things to do both on and off the water during your Boatbookings yacht charter on the Amalfi Coast this summer! Boatbookings recommends visiting the ancient ruins of Pompeii prior to embarking onto your yacht. Both bareboat, crewed motor or catamaran yacht itineraries provide the inspiration for an unforgettable yacht charter.

Sorrento, the home of Limoncello

Must see’s


Since the establishment of Ancient Rome, Capri has been renowned for its beauty and glamour. Capri is home to the jet set and is often visited by the Kardashians during the summer. Not only can you be a part of the jet set on this island, you can also visit ancient temples and the Blue Grotto. Waters are crystal clear and the restaurants are divine, there is no better place to spend a few days than Capri.

The Cliffs of Capri


The volcanic island is known for thermal springs, mud pools and hot sands. This is the biggest island within the bay of Naples and is the home of eternal youth. People come to the island to escape, to explore its lush vegetation and to eat fresh fish in local restaurants along the waterfront.


Amalfi is the iconic town that plays homage to the name of the coastline. Roman Aristocrats built holiday homes here and since then it has developed to becoming a very powerful maritime base. The town is filled with piazzas and a great choice of bars. This is the perfect destination for a 4PM apero.



Renowned for being the birthplace of the Scuola Medica Salernitana, Salerno is one of the Europe’s founding medical institutes. This town is bustling with life and ancient history.


For cruising Boatbookings recommends fresh fish and locally caught seafood during an Amalfi Coast yacht charter. A glass of cold white wine, preferably from the island of Capri is an essential to be paired with any fish ordered. Every meal is unique and is often prepared by local recipes, cooking techniques are often passed from generation to generating, differing but retaining the magical touch of the Amalfi Coast. This is the ultimate charter for any foodie!

Watch mount Vesuvius from your yacht and feel a part of the most fascinating historical playgrounds on the globe. We also offer Amalfi Coast Day Charter experiences if you only have a day to spare!

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Day Charter Yacht On the Amalfi Coast

Fine Dining on the Amalfi Coast

What is the world’s favourite cuisine? Suitable for all ages, tastes and dietary requirements, Italian gets our vote. When chartering a yacht along the Amalfi Coast, you will sample the unique cuisine of Campania. The area is world-famous for lemons and San Marzano tomatoes, as well as fresh octopus, sea bream and shrimps. An Amalfi Coast yacht charter delivers excellent restaurants in each town, but which ones should you visit for summer 2020?

C/O Quattro Passi Nerano

Quattro Passi, Nerano

Quattro Passi in Nerano overlooks the stunning Marina del Cantone in Nerano. Nerano is the first village you will explore on your Amalfi Coast motor yacht charter. First impressions are everything and Nerano will not disappoint!

C/O Quattro Passi Nerano

Chef Antonio Mellino holds 2 Michelin stars for his gourmet cuisine at Quattro Passi. His cuisine focuses on local produce, most prominently lemons and tomatoes. The Michelin guide praises Mellino for his “ability to extract maximum aromas from lemons and tomatoes is unique, lending extraordinary flavour to his dishes.” We know you will be dazzled so book your table for summer 2020 now!

La Sponda at Le Sirenuse Hotel, Positano

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. A favourite for engagements, honeymoons and anniversaries, you will definitely impress your better half. La Sponda at Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano is famous for being one of the most romantic restaurants on the Amalfi Coast. Whether you choose to dine on the terrace or under four hundred candles inside, the views are spectacular.

Chef Gennaro Russo’s menu is based on fresh local ingredients and inspired by the great culinary traditions of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. His motto is “respect for the territory, for local traditions and local ingredients”. His risotto is to die for!

The Boatbookings Brokers know the best restaurants on the Amalfi Coast for every taste. The best yachts and restaurants are booked well in advance so speak to the team today to plan your Amalfi Coast adventure for summer 2020.

Our Top 3 Restaurants on the Amalfi Coast!

The Amalfi coast is not only famous for its stunning scenery but also the wonderful Italian delights to be sampled at some of the best restaurants in the Med. There is a myriad of restaurants that offer amazing views over the Amalfi coast, boasting incredible food of traditional Mediterranean and typical Amalfi dishes.

The Hotel Belmond Caruso in Ravello offers stunning views over the bay and the ideal spot to relax by the pool and have a leisurely lunch; serving fresh, locally sourced dishes that accentuate the seasonal highlights of the coast, there is no better way to start your culinary experience of the Amalfi Coast.

Il Riccio on the Isle of Capri is a Boatbookings favourite, famed for its cerulean blue and white interior and exceptional seafood dishes. Overlooking the sea, the views are unparalleled and the Michelin Starred establishment has been frequented by the likes of Kourtney Kardashian; try the lobster and make sure to tuck in at the dessert bar.

Restaurant Conca del Sogno in Nerano combines the most delectable ingredients of land and sea to create wonderful dishes, served in a candlelit setting overlooking the horizon.  Fish is the star of the show, with supplies of freshly caught seafood being an integral part of the menu.

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