Sipadan Island; a Snorkeler's Paradise and a Perfect Yacht Chartering Destination

Seychelles snorkelingSnorkeling is one of the most exhilarating ways to explore a tropical destination. Swirling schools of fish, sprawling coral reefs and magnificent turtles can be seen gliding majestically across the ocean bed. In this 3-part blog, I will guide you through this vibrant underwater world. Charter a luxury yacht to one of these snorkeling hotspots and marvel at the beauty of nature.

Snorkeling is highly therapeutic, a great way to unwind and lose yourself in the crystal blue waters. Snorkeling requires very little training or equipment and what’s more it’s inexpensive! Pick up your snorkelling mask and fins, find a stretch of deserted coastline and be at one with nature.

The stunning biodiversity and crystal clear waters of Sipadan island, make it one of the world’s top snorkeling destinations. Nestled at the heart of the Indo-Pacific basin, Sipadan Island in Malaysia, boasts aParadise plethora of marine life. Schools of green and hawksbill turtles nesting on the golden shores, schools of barracuda and grouper darting across the sea bed, hammerhead and whale sharks lurking in the depths. Sipadan Island is located in the Celebes Sea, off the coast of Sabah. This breathtaking island, originally formed by living coral amassing on top of a volcanic crater, is a snorkeler’s paradise. Charter a luxury yacht of your choice to this glorious and tropical destination.

Lagoon 500, is a beautifully constructed crewed catamaran based in Langkawi, the heart of Malaysia. She has 4 extravagant cabins that accommodate up to 8 guests. She is extremely reliable, innovate and easy to handle.

Each individual cabin is excellently furnished, containing a lavish queen size bed, air conditioning controls and en suite walk-in showers. The well-designed cockpit contains a grand dining table, perfect for hosting and entertaining up to 8 guests for a 5 course evening meal. Enjoy the luxuries of Lagoon 500 and cruise around the Celebes Sea in style. Lagoon 500

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Charter a Luxury Crewed Catamaran Out Of Belize City – Part II

Following on from Part I of our Belize blogs, and having introduced a sample itinerary and the destination, we give you some ideas of the best yachts to charter in Belize.

Two of our favourite yachts for charter in Belize are both Lagoon 500s. Lagoon catamarans are a part of Beneteau Yachts, and are a fantastic brand of catamaran, offering both luxury and comfort in spacious accommodation. Catamarans are perfect for first time sailors, as they provide stability on the water, and a space that you would often struggle to find in a monohull of the same length.

DORIS is the first of our Lagoon 500s, she is a 2007 model, with 3 cabins accommodating for up to 6 guests. Her crew of 2 is great and for sailing enthusiasts, they would love to let you help sail!

Our second suggestion is the beautiful AMURA, which is also a 2007 Lagoon 500, which accommodates 8 guests in her four well appointed cabins. Her interior is gorgeous and bright, though the use of large windows, which not only allow the sunlight of Belize to shine through into the yacht, but allow you to gaze out onto the crystal blue waters surrounding you.

Click here to see one of our sample itineraries for sailing in Belize! For other suggestions, please contact a broker.

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