Charming and Colourful Coastline of Amalfi

Italy is CHARMING!! As a matter of fact, yacht charter in Italy is exceptionally popular this summer and the most attractive area to cruise is indisputably the Amalfi coast! Situated almost in the middle of the West Italian Coast, 100 miles from Rome, the Costiera Amalfitania  and the nearby islands of Capri and Ischia, along with the even smaller Procida are the cruising ground of our Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter.


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Yacht Charter Amalfi Summer 2015 – ANNE MARIE

The tiny port of Amalfi is much adored for its charm and relaxing atmosphere. Amalfi is a very pretty little town in a spectacular setting, wedged between the sea and the mountains with a fascinating history. Between the ninth and 12th centuries, it was a proud and glorious maritime republic with a population of 80,000. If you abandon the busy main streets and climb up into the maze of shrunken, tunnel-like side alleys and steep stairways, you will step back in time to the Middle Ages. There you will find boutique shops, cafés and restaurants and sample some of the Amalfitana specialties, such as limoncello and delicate pastries.


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