Americas Cup

Your majesty, there is no second.

the response given by the royal correspondence to Queen Victoria when she asked “Who came second?”

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On the 20th August 1851, sahiling history was made and The Americas Cup was born.  A group of New York businessmen set sail, crossing the Atlantic Ocean to compete in the Hundred Guinea Cup on the British Isle of Wight. In an old schooner, the New York businessmen claimed victory of the Hundred Guinea Cup and subsequently renamed this as the notorious ‘Americas Cup’.

San Francisco, California, USA – August 21, 2013: 5th race between New Zealand & Luna Rossa for Louis Vuitton Cup in San Francisco Bay

When the race began, Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert were sat watching the race unfold. The emergence of an American yacht was seen as a race between the New and Old western world and attracted nationwide attraction.

The Needles, United Kingdom.

America comes to England

The American schooner made its way around some of the toughest sailing conditions in the world. The Needles on the Isle of Wight is incredibly tidal and often profits from very strong winds. This race was not just a standard yacht race, it was a test which would define the beginning of the new Western age.

Americas Cup

The Americas Cup, stayed in the hands of American sailors the following 100 years and 24 Americas Cup races before it was eventually taken in 1983 by the Australian racing team.

Naples, Campania, Italy – April 06, 2012: The Team Oracle during workouts America’s Cup World Series AC45

“Your majesty, there is no second”

When Queen Victoria asked who was in second place her royal correspondence replied ‘ Your majesty, there is no second’, defining yacht racing history and making the Americas Cup no longer just a sailing competition. This is a fierce and forceful worldwide competition that can make or break international relations. Known as a ‘perpetual challenge cup for competition between nations’ it is not a regatta to be missed out on.

Americas Cup 2021 – Save the date!

The 36th Americas Cup event held in 2021 taking place in New Zealand. Teams are already practicing on the shores of Auckland, (New Zealand) to show their presence and determination to win the legendary trophy. The boats are sleeker, the teams are faster and the crowds will be larger than ever. The stakes are high for the 2021 world cup. The US sailing team have already confirmed their commitment to the cup, making the regatta come into play from an early stage. The 35th Americas Cup, presented by Louis Vuitton in Bermuda saw both precision and performance however New Zealand is set to offer more than this!

Karaka Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Dates are from the 6th to the 21st March 2021 and boats are already booking up to watch the spectacle!

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All the latest Americas Cup News Updates!

With the round robin part for the Americas Cup over and it nearing the business end of the oldest trophy in international sport, we are delicately poised for the final all out effort to crown sailings most worthy champions. This year the Americas Cup takes place in San Francisco and is proving to be hugely popular both because of the easy nature with which fans and enthusiasts can watch defending champion Team Oracle and their potential challengers practice and compete in these warm blue waters, and because of the drama and the controversy that has often been a feature. Americas CUp edited

On Saturday, with the heartbreaking loss of Andrew “Bart” Simpson, beloved crew mate and the skipper's best friend forefront in everyone's mind, Team Artemis bowed out in a highly emotional but proud moment after losing its last race against Italy's Luna Rossa after a valiant comeback. Artemis skipper Iain Percy who won two gold medals sailing with Simpson and who acted as best man at his wedding said “I'm hugely proud of our team. It's been a terrible period, he would have been so proud of us, considering this is something that none of us thought we'd be able to do two months ago when we lost him.”

Amercias cup2

The elimination of who were, until this tragic event, a very strong contender has set up the semi final between the ever strong Team New Zealand and Italy's Luna Rossa in the best-of-13 races beginning this coming Saturday at 1:10 pm. The winner of this highly anticipated semi final will then face defending champion Oracle Team USA in the 34th America's Cup beginning Sept. 7.

Overshadowing much of the Americas cup however, is the on going investigation into Team Oracle's boat tampering to the smaller AC45 catamarans during the America's Cup World Series regattas. 40 key team members are expected to be interviewed as part of its investigation into a potential breach of rules that could have severe implications as well as substantial bans from the sport.

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The Youth America’s Cup 2013

The Red Bull Youth America's Cup, which shall be joining the America's Cup Finals in San Francisco, is the perfect chance for young sailors to improve their skills and make their way up in the professional sailing world. Yesterday marked the announcement of the 12 youth teams to be invited to the February Selection Series, taking place from the 9th-24th February in San Francisco. These 12 teams are some of the best national youth sailing teams in the world, and their skills and competences will be put to the test in February.

The 12 teams were chosen by the Sports Directors for the Youth America's Cup; double Olympic gold medallists Roman Hagara and Hans-Peter Steinacher. They looked through over 30 youth team pplications, assessing their fitness, how the teams worked together as a crew, and of course their standard of sailing. They needed to choose the best of the bunch, given they shall be sailing the physically demanding AC45 wing sail catamarans in both the selection series and the race in September. These are the same boats that will be raced by the teams in the AC World Series, proving just how good these young sailors have to be, to be able to sail the same boats as the more experienced racing teams.

The selections will be held in two sessions, with one group sailing the 9-15th February and the other group the 18-24th February. The teams will be put through a rigorous training workshop and regatta, to see just how good they are, and put the very best on the start line for the main event.

The youth teams selected are:

  • Australia – Objective Australia                                             Argentina – Argentina AC45 Youth Team
  • Austria – Team Austria                                                         France – French Youth Team
  • Denmark – Danish Vikings                                                    Italy – Team Italy
  • Germany – STG/NRV Youth America’s Cup Team               Netherlands – Flying Dutchies
  • New Zealand – Full Metal Jacket Racing                              Portugal – Team Cascais
  • South Africa – Team i’KaziKati                                             Switzerland – Team TILT

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The America’s Cup 2013

In September 2013, the America’s Cup is returning to America for the first time in 18 years. The America’s Cup, the oldest trophy in international sport, will take place in San Francisco from the 7-21st September 2013. The 34th edition of the AC is hosted in the home town of the defending champions, the Golden Gate Yacht Club, making for an even more exciting race! The AC is returning to America with style; this year includes new boats and new rules (and better media coverage for those who aren’t quite lucky enough to be there for the real thing!).

The AC72 rule for the construction of the catamarans leads to a revolutionary design that can travel at extreme speeds and potential danger, as the new foils can cause the hull to lift out of the water; a risk of capsizing! The new classes of boats will be more powerful and therefore even more demanding to the crews on board. The new AC72s are to be used in both the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America’s Cup; this could mean some very exciting races for anyone who is watching!

The 2013 America’s Cup also prioritises bringing racing to the people. The races are to follow near-shore courses, so those that are watching will be able to get even better views. The television and internet coverage shall also be improved, with new graphics for on board footage and microphones, along with exciting commentary on the coverage. It might be more exciting to watch the races from the comfort of your own home than from the shore!

The Five Competing Teams and Their Clubs:

  • Oracle Racing representing the Golden Gate Yacht Club
  • Artemis Racing representing the Kungliga Svenska Segelsällskapet (Royal Swedish Yacht Club)
  • Emirates Team New Zealand representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
  • Luna Rossa Challenge  representing Circolo Della Vela Sicilia
  • Team Korea representing Sail Korea Yacht Club
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