Actor Tom Cruise Joins the Americas Cup Emirates New Zealand Team!

AMERICAS CUP1On Thursday 28th July actor Tom Cruise and his son joined the Emirates Team New Zealand that has now won an incredible ninth consecutive race of the Louis Vuitton Cup. After watching this in form team beat rival Luna Rossa Challenge from the team's VIP vessel, both the Hollywood star and his son jumped aboard and joined the 11 man crew in near perfect sailing conditions for an exhilarating demonstration of what these incredible yachts can accomplish.


Tom Cruise said “it was absolutely incredible, we got to work with the crew, it was remarkable actually, we thought we were going to get on and we would go cruising to the slip, and next thing we know I was on this one he was on that one, on the grinder, it was a privilege!”


Both father and son had a competition to see who could get the top speed on a yacht that is capable of speeds of over 44knots (50mph) thanks to their 130-foot (40m) tall wing sails, the equivalent of a 13-story building! Skipper Dean Barker even went as far as to say that “We had a nice reach back under the Bay Bridge, so Tom jumped on the handle bars and did a better job than I did. It was a real boost for the team to have someone like him come along.”

Emirates Team New Zealand also announced recently that they would choose to advance to the Louis Vuitton Cup Final that begins August 17th in order to give them more time to upgrade the yacht having won the round robin of the Louis Vuitton Cup.
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The Americas Cup – the latest news and updates

The Americas Cup is the oldest active trophy in international sport and has been the pinnacle of sailing for over 100 years. It brings together the world's best sailors to compete at the highest level once every three years. The regatta combines the latest in sailing technology with sailors such as Ben Ainslie, Dean Barker, Francesco Bruni and Chris Draper as they are propelled along at speeds of over 45 miles an hour!

In the first time in the regatta's 162-year history, it is taking place inshore and hordes of people have lined up to watch this prestigious race in San Francisco with its stunning backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and the Transamerica pyramid.

AP Photo:Eric Risberg
AP Photo:Eric Risberg

However this contest has been bogged down right from the start. Although the Louis Vuitton Cup has recently gotten underway that will select the challenger to face Oracle Team USA in the one-on-one final of the Americas Cup, the death of Andrew Simpson of  Artemis Racing on May 9th has more implications than his very sad demise might initially suggest for this race.

This accident led regatta director Iain Murray to make 37 safety recommendations that will, if protests are dismissed at a meeting of an international jury, change the yachts design very slightly and hopefully give them more safety, particularly at high speeds.


On Sunday 7th July Team Luna Rossa were due to face Team New Zealand in one of the first round robins but Luna Rossa boycotted this in protest, saying that the regatta director did not have the authority to unilaterally change the rules. Both teams have also lodged protests as they feel that any rule changes would hand unfair advantages to the reigning champion, Oracle Team USA who would have an extra 2 months to test these proposed changes.

Bickering has subsequently broken out in the beginning of an Americas Cup that has not at all gone as the organizers had planned.   The Italian team were labelled “a bunch of spoiled rich kids dressed in Prada gear” by Coutts, one of the most dominant skippers in the competitions history and Team New Zealand's skipper Dean Barker, lamented this lackluster start saying, “I feel sorry for people coming down to watch to only see one boat sailing around.

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The America’s Cup 2013

In September 2013, the America’s Cup is returning to America for the first time in 18 years. The America’s Cup, the oldest trophy in international sport, will take place in San Francisco from the 7-21st September 2013. The 34th edition of the AC is hosted in the home town of the defending champions, the Golden Gate Yacht Club, making for an even more exciting race! The AC is returning to America with style; this year includes new boats and new rules (and better media coverage for those who aren’t quite lucky enough to be there for the real thing!).

The AC72 rule for the construction of the catamarans leads to a revolutionary design that can travel at extreme speeds and potential danger, as the new foils can cause the hull to lift out of the water; a risk of capsizing! The new classes of boats will be more powerful and therefore even more demanding to the crews on board. The new AC72s are to be used in both the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America’s Cup; this could mean some very exciting races for anyone who is watching!

The 2013 America’s Cup also prioritises bringing racing to the people. The races are to follow near-shore courses, so those that are watching will be able to get even better views. The television and internet coverage shall also be improved, with new graphics for on board footage and microphones, along with exciting commentary on the coverage. It might be more exciting to watch the races from the comfort of your own home than from the shore!

The Five Competing Teams and Their Clubs:

  • Oracle Racing representing the Golden Gate Yacht Club
  • Artemis Racing representing the Kungliga Svenska Segelsällskapet (Royal Swedish Yacht Club)
  • Emirates Team New Zealand representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
  • Luna Rossa Challenge  representing Circolo Della Vela Sicilia
  • Team Korea representing Sail Korea Yacht Club
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