Environmentally Friendly Luxury Yacht Charter on “Island E Motion”

With global warming and the production of greenhouse gases both attracting huge media attention, Swiss company MCM and Future Island of Australia have joined together to create “Island E Motion” – a truly unique, environmentally friendly luxury motor yacht which is said to encompass “sustainable luxury at its best”.

Designed by Swiss duo Milena Cvijanovich and Dennis Muller, Island E Motion is based on the idea of creating a sustainable luxury lifestyle by “harnessing the power of the wind, the sun and the waves.”  It has an ecological footprint that is up to 60% lower than that of more traditional yachts.

Built as part of the ‘Floating Island’ series, the yacht is made from recycled materials and is powered through the use of alternative energies. This includes a combination of thermal and electronic solar panels and the use of both wind and wave energy. The yacht also uses an advanced propeller technology with liquefied natural gas, a recycled water circuit filter for collecting rainwater and a specially-designed desalination system. Bubbles generated by forcing air underneath the vessel reduce friction, meaning that it requires lower amonts of energy to propel her forward.

Cvijanovich and Muller have managed to create an environmentally friendly yacht without compromising on luxury and design. Guests can enjoy a truly luxurious experience within in a natural environment that includes permaculture vegetation such as grass and palm trees, and sandy beaches.

Island E Motion features a large dining room for twenty-four guests, several lounge areas, spas, a gymnasium, massage room, home cinema, library, and indoor/outdoor bars. The larger model, which offers private helipads and a swimming pool, is perfect for hosting big events such as fashion shows and art exhibitions.

A percentage of the profits made by Island E Motion will be donated to the Global Life on Water (GLOW) foundation – a side project that is looking into the construction of floating hospitals.

Other recent environmentally friendly yacht designs include the E-Max Ultra Green Pure Care Carrier by Sauter Carbon Offsets Design and Project Atlas, a joint collaboration between H2 Yachts and Laurent Gilles Superyacht Designs.

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