E-MAX Ultra – The environmentaly friendly cargo carrier of the Future!

The E-MAX Ultra Green Pure Care Carrier by Sauter Carbon Offsets Design highlights the fact that technology can reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions by a minimum of 50 % in cargo vessels. In the long term,  a 50% savings in the cost of fuel will more than pay for the construction of the E-MAX vessel over its 20-year service life, making her a very viable and exciting option.

The term Economies of Scale refers to the fact that the larger the vessel, the more economical it is to ship cargo.  In 2014 the width of the Panama Canal will go from 32 to 54 meters, which means that W&W can build up to a 50% larger vessel that through Economy of Scale can easily save 15% on fuel.  According to Wartsila, for every 10% increase in the size of a vessel, a 4 to 5% reduction in fuel consumption is achieved.

We can maximize Hydrodynamic Efficiency with Mitsubishi’s Air Lubricating system (MALS), which introduces air bubbles under the hull to reduce Drag. The less drag that there is, the less resistance the boat will face, consequently increasing fuel efficiency and reducing costs. This system together with state of the art Counter Rotating Propeller pods reduces Fuel consumption by up to 15 %.

The third step takes advantage of the light-magnifying ocean environment to harness solar energy from solar cells that due to the highly reflective surface of the water, cover the sides as well as the top of the vessel. Recent studies have shown that solar cells are 40% more efficient at sea than on land.  The Solbian Solar Panels that cover the E-Max vessel are the most efficient on the market. They are designed specifically for marine use and come with a 25-year warranty. What is remarkable about this Solar Energy system is that it is capable of reducing fuel consumption by up to 10% without any moving parts and no maintenance.

The fourth stage utilizes fully automated, fully rotational, and fully retractable Mainsails to harness the wind and reduce fuel consumption by 15%. These Dynawing sails are highly efficient in whatever direction the apparent wind is coming from. They are basically transparent, incorporating a light magnifying film that magnifies the light that passes through them to the solar cells on deck.

The final stage takes the well-known benefits of Hybrid propulsion to new heights with Wartsila’s Dual Fuel low-loss Hybrid Power which reduces fuel consumption by 20% and GHG emissions by a greater amount. This system runs on either diesel or LNG which is much cleaner.

Watch this space for the latest Industry releases and updates on future concepts and designs.

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