Tahiti 7 Day Crewed Catamaran Itinerary

Celebrate Bora Bora
Gorgeous Bora Bora

Charter a crewed catamaran in Tahiti for the ultimate sailing adventure from Huahine to Raiatea, Taha'a and Bora Bora

The Itinerary | Getting There | Day 1 - Arrival and Embarkation in Huahine | Day 2: Huahine to Raiatea | Day 3: Raiatea Hike & Taputapuatea Archeological Visit | Day 4 – Pearl Farm visit and Coral Garden on Taha’a | Day 5 – Lunch ashore at La Taha’a resort, Swimming with Sharks at night | Day 6 – Vanilla Farm Visit, Sail to Bora Bora | Day 7 – Enjoying the Beauty of Bora Bora | Day 8 – Eagle Rays, Snorkeling, and Disembarkation | Final Thoughts

For pure natural beauty, amazing snorkeling, superb fresh cuisine, and a true Polynesian experience, we highly recommend a Tahiti Crewed Catamaran Charter in the Leeward Islands (Bora Bora, Huahine, Taha'a, and Raiatea). We've captured below an actual itinerary of one of our clients, who had an amazing time on Diva, a Lagoon 560 Catamaran, with a Captain and Chef aboard.

The itinerary

This itinerary starts on Huahine and visits a total of 4 islands: Huahine, Taha'a, Raiatea, and Bora Bora. It travels from East to West. However, all of these islands are magical and you can visit as many or as few as you like.

Getting there

Tahiti is exotic, but getting there is not as far as you might think if you live in North America. For example, it is a smooth, 7-hour flight from Los Angeles or San Francisco. An Air Tahiti Nui Flight from LAX leaves just after 5 and arrives around 11 PM at the main Airport on Tahiti Island. There is only a two-hour time difference.

Arriving in Tahiti Airport
Arriving at Tahiti Airport

While going through border patrol and customs (currently everyone has to take a rapid COVID Antigen test in the Airport), you will be serenaded with welcoming Tahitian Music. As it is late, most guests opt to spend a night in a hotel near the airport, before the short, beautiful flight to Huahine, where you will begin your charter. Sit on the left side of the plane for the best views of Moorea!

Air Tahiti Iti flights to your islands
Air Tahiti Island Shuttles

There is no need to arrive for flights 2 hours in advance in Tahiti, an hour or so will do! The flight to Huahine will take about an hour.

Approaching Huahine
Your first view of Huahine

Day 1 - Arrival and Embarkation in Huahine

If you take the early flight to Huahine you'll arrive at around 8 in the morning, which is too early to board the charter that begins at 1 pm. Boatbookings can arrange a transfer to the south island (Huahine-Iti), where you can swim and have lunch at the pretty Hotel Le Mahana.

Diva Tahiti Crewed Catamaran
Catamaran DIVA

Your gorgeous Crewed Catamaran DIVA, will pull directly up to the hotel dock and take you and your luggage by tender to the awaiting boat, and of course, give everyone leis as soon as they board!

Arrival lei
Traditional lei welcome

Once you are all aboard (don't forget to take off your shoes) you will have the obligatory Captain’s Safety Briefing, where he will go through all of the do's and don'ts of the boat. After a refreshing drink, you will be off to your first anchorage, close to the town of Fare, but pristine with amazingly clear water.

Sundowner Drinks
Sundowners anyone?

If it's not windy, the best place for your first sundowner drinks is up the stairs on the flydeck, where you have a 360-degree view of the beauty around you (and maybe a ray or two) and then dinner. Your chef will normally prepare an amazingly fresh local fish with a french flair, for instance, meka, a member of the swordfish family that is incredibly tender and tasty.

Sunset on Huahine
Your first Tahiti Sunset

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Day 2: Huahine to Raiatea

Huahine Coast
Huahine coast

Your first morning, you will be greeted with a beautiful breakfast of fresh fruit, cheese, scrambled eggs and French pastries (croissants and pains au chocolat). If you need any items for the rest of the charter, from bathing suits to sun cream to medicine, stop for an hour or so in Fare where you will find what you need. Fare is a very small port town but does have a grocery store, internet access, and a few Polynesian food trucks. You can pull directly up to the dock, go ashore, and be back on the boat in no time.

Fare Huanine
Reclining pregnant lady

Fare is known for its view of a pregnant lady on her back – use your imagination! Anchored in a quiet spot just south of Fare for a beautiful fresh fish lunch flawlessly prepared in the Tahitian style - raw tuna mixed with lime, coconut, and local vegetables.

After lunch, cruise outside the atoll and directly west to Raiatea, about 3 hours – 22 nautical miles. Anchored in the stunningly beautiful bay near Motu Iriru, on the east side of Raiatea, and get out all your water toys! The water in this bay is amazingly clear and the views of the island are spectacular. You should see manta rays serenely swimming around the boat. Enjoy watching them from paddleboards in the late afternoon sun!

Paddleboarding on Raiatea
Paddleboarding perfection!

Or simply use the boat as your diving board!

Diving off your catamaran
Working on your form

Stay anchored in the bay for the night and celebrate your second sunset on the flybridge.

Raiatea Sunset Sundowners
Spectacular Sundowners!

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Day 3: Raiatea Hike & Taputapuatea Archeological Visit

Waking up in the beautiful anchorage, you'll enjoy a pancake breakfast, Tahitian style.

Pancake Breakfast on Raiatea
Breakfast in Paradise

After breakfast, consider a hike on Raiatea at Taputapuatea marae, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was once considered the central temple of Eastern Polynesia. You can do a self-guided tour of the temple’s remains.

Archaeological Park Raiatea
Temple ruins

Photo by Michel-Georges Bernard

Then hike up the hill to get a view of the island and atoll from a different perspective. It will be humid but worth the 40-minute hike!

Hiking Raiatea
View of Raiatea

After the hike, you will sail to the south of the island and anchor in a pretty bay for lunch, this time marinated chicken and pineapple skewers.

Pineapple Skewer Lunch
Light local lunch

Sail just a short distance north for your evening’s anchorage. Upon arrival, you can kayak and snorkel again and enjoy the beautiful clear waters of Raiatea.

Chillin on the Trampoline
Chillin on the trampoline

A fresh fish dinner again, this time swordfish after yet another perfect sunset.

Day 4 – Pearl Farm visit and Coral Garden on Taha’a

Today you will have two true Tahitian treats, both unexpected: a visit to a real Tahitian pearl farm, and a swim in a coral garden that was chock full of the most glorious fish imaginable. But first things first.

After a nice breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and avocado toast, make the short sail to Uturoa and stroll through the village. It is a small town, but there are plenty of shops for bathing suits, sunglasses, etc., and a large Champion (French) grocery store. There are also numerous medical clinics if you need them for any reason.

Approaching Uturoa
Approaching Uturoa

After restocking anything you need, such as sun lotion, head north to the small, beautiful, and largely unspoiled island of Taha’a, just a short sail north as both Raiatea and Taha’a are on the same atoll. A local on an outrigger may surf in your wake, as it makes the crossing a lot easier for them!

Anchor and head to the Champon Pearl farm, on the south tip of the island. This family-run farm will give you a tour that covers the process and steps for creating pearls, and insight into the pearl business.

Creating Pearls
The pearl cultivation process

Here, on the dock, you can see a member of the family inserting pieces of shell and a little ball into the oyster so that it creates a pearl.

After learning about the process used to "encourage" oysters to make pearls, you will learn about the different grades and types of Tahitian pearls, similar to how diamonds are classified. Tahitian pearls are “black pearls” as opposed to the more common white pearls from Japan. They come in multiple shades and levels of brightness and can be really beautiful. Warning, you will come away with at least one pearl purchase.

Shrimp and Avocado Salad
Tastes as good as it looks!

Back on the boat, sit down for a shrimp and avocado salad lunch, and then head up to your anchorage for the night, located on the northwest side of the island.

It is highly recommended that you get there early enough for on more amazing snorkeling expedition. Your captain will take you by tender to a coral garden full of some of the most amazingly colorful tropical fish imaginable. You walk across the black coral island for about 100 meters, jump in with your mask and snorkel, and are literally pulled by the current through the coral with fish surrounding you. Bring a bit of bread to attract the fish. You will be amazed.

tahaa coral garden
Tahaa coral garden
Amazing fish color and diversity

You will be mesmerized until the sun starts sinking in the west, at which time you'll need to return to your boat for mojitos and another fantastic dinner – this time a chicken coconut curry pasta dish topped off with a chocolate banana sundae.

A Tahitian pasta dinner
Chicken Curry Pasta
Banana Sundae dessert
No description needed

Such a memorable day, you'll wonder how it can get any better, but you haven't even been to Bora Bora yet (although you can see the beautiful volcanic mountains in the distance)!

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Boatbookings has over 15 years organizing charters in Tahiti. Contact us if you'd like a personalized proposal!

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Day 5 – Lunch ashore at La Taha’a resort, Swimming with Sharks at night

Start Day 5 by going back to the Coral Garden for another swim with the fish, and then some more snorkeling and kayaking. A nice lazy morning just enjoying the beauty of the area.

Your charter will normally be scheduled for two meals ashore, so consider reservations for lunch at the Pearl La Taha’a resort just a short tender ride from your boat.

La Taha’a Pearl is a beautiful Relais and Chateau resort, and the food will not disappoint!

After lunch, your captain will pick you up at the dock, and then proceed on a sailing cruise around the island.

Anchor on the east side of the island, near the Vanilla farm you will be visiting the next day.

Sunset at La Taha a

It never gets old – a gorgeous sunset over Taha’a and sundowner drinks, this time Pina Coladas. Tonight, you may have a nice Tahitian steak dinner, with a bottle of French Bordeaux.

After dinner, check the lights under your boat, as there may be numerous rays and sharks, no doubt wishing they had the steaks you had just finished! They are safe and you can actually swim with them off the tender lift if you are so inclined!

A great end to another amazing day in Tahiti.

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Boatbookings has over 15 years organizing charters in Tahiti. Contact us if you'd like a personalized proposal!

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Day 6 – Vanilla Farm Visit, Sail to Bora Bora 

You will wake up this morning with the sense of excitement that you will be sailing to Bora Bora today - an island of almost mythical appeal. You will have seen glimpses of the volcanic mountains for a couple of days now, but today you will finally head over to it.

Blacktip Sharks
Blacktip Reef Sharks

But first, take the opportunity to swim from your boat with some of the local Blacktip Reef Sharks that are hanging around from last night. They are not dangerous but are every bit sharks! Put on your masks and snorkels, and your captain will lower you into the water on the dingy lift.  It's a treat looking directly at these sharks (which look larger in the water) as they slowly swim past.

You can then set off by tender for a local Vanilla Farm. You will sit for a 30-minute talk about the Vanilla industry, its history and practices in Tahiti, and of course, have a chance to buy various products.

Learning Vanilla Cultivation
Learning about cultivating vanilla

You then walk the farm and see the vanilla plants and beans drying in the sun.

Drying Vanilla Beans
Drying vanilla beans in the sun

You will then sail around the island and head to Bora Bora – a 3 1/2 hour sail from Taha’a. Enjoy a good book and relax as the island grew larger in front of you.

Approaching Bora Bora
Approaching Bora Bora

You will arrive in Bora Bora through the only "cut" just before sunset and moor in the main harbor with lots of other catamarans.

Bora Bora Harbor at Sunset
Bora Bora Harbor at Sunset

Consider getting reservations for dinner at the Bora Bora Yacht Club to meet other sailors and swap stories.

Bora Bora Yacht Club
Bora Bora Yacht Club at Night

Another special day.

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Day 7 – Enjoying the Beauty of Bora Bora

Your last full day is going to be special - you're visiting Bora Bora!

After breakfast, head clockwise around the island to the south side, past the beautiful hotels with hundreds of bungalows over the water. 

Hotel Bungalows
Bora Bora Luxury Bungalows

Your anchorage is spectacular - a huge shallow lagoon that offers a constant view of the Bora Bora peaks and waves crashing on the reefs.

Bora Bora Anchorage
Drone shot of your anchorage

All around you you can swim and do watersports. This area is famous for the color of the water, and won't disappoint! Spend a quiet day snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming. As it is your last full day on the boat, you will want to enjoy every moment.

Bora Bora Sunset
Bora Bora Sunset

Hopefully, nature will bless you with another gorgeous sunset, this time with the Bora Bora peaks in the foreground.

Celebrate your last night!

And of course, celebrate your last night with a bottle of Bubbly on the flybridge. Your chef will prepare something amazing for your last dinner.

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Day 8 – Eagle Rays, Snorkeling, and Disembarkation

The final day of a charter is always bittersweet, so maybe make the best of it by getting up for the sunrise and savoring every moment.

Eagle Rays
Eagle Rays swimming in unison

Ask your captain to take you by tender to a place in a remote reef where you may see Eagle Rays. They truly look like birds as they slowly swim together in synch. A breathtaking sight.

celebrate your last day!
Dive in!

Then do your obligatory family jump off of the back of the boat, dutifully filmed by your captain from the tender.

Heading home
Heading home

Around mid-day, it's time to head back around Bora Bora, past the WWII gun emplacements, and to your disembarkation point. We highly recommend that you stay a couple of nights in one of the many amazing resorts ashore, and make sure you book a bungalow over the water! One recommendation is the Pearl Le Bora Bora, right near the airport.

Disembarking at Le Bora Bora

Disembarking at the Pearl Le Bora Bora. From one great adventure to another, without ever getting into a car!

We put together this stunning video if you have read this far and are not convinced you need to book a charter to Tahiti!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by now you can see that a Tahiti Crewed Catamaran Charter is a fabulous holiday for everyone in the family. The beauty and unspoiled nature of the islands, the food, the amazing water and snorkeling, the relaxed pace, the perfect weather, and friendly Polynesians. Hard to imagine how it could have been any better.

If you are interested, we highly recommend considering Tahiti for your next charter. Here’s more information in our Tahiti Yacht Charter Guide. Or contact us directly at [email protected]! Mauruuru!

Boatbookings has over 15 years organizing charters in Tahiti. Contact us if you'd like a personalized proposal!

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