7 Day Sailing Itinerary starting from La Paz, Mexico.

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Start your charter in La Paz, and enjoy the stunning Mexican coastline and local islands!

Explore the coast of Mexico on your bareboat yacht charter! This seven-day sailing itinerary starts and ends in La Paz, allowing you to explore the Gulf of California with the people that matter most. Sunbath on white-sand beaches, explore wildlife, dive with Mantra rays, and much much more! Have the freedom on your bareboat charter to do what you want, when you want, and for how long for! You do not need a license to charter in Mexico, but you will have to provide us with an updated resume with relevant experience to the boat you want to charter. For more information, contact us!

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Day 1: La Paz to Isla Partida

swim with the Manta Rays at Isla Revillagigedos,Mexico on your sailing charter!

Ensenada Grande on Isla Partida welcomes you with gorgeous turquoise waters that are waiting for you to snorkel in! The waters are rich with wildlife, you may see the resident Mantra Ray flying out of the water! Walk along the stunning sandy beaches and marvel at the rocky cliff faces. Ramble through the creeks and explore the local area! Bring your snorkels along for the walk - the water is irresistible!

Day 2: Ensenada Grande to San Evaristo

Los islotes mexico espiritu santu island sea lion retreat

Just northwest of Isla Partida you will find Los Islotes. This small collection of islands is home to a colony of Californian sea lions – think Pier 39, but far less commercial – here, you can see the sea lions in a more natural habitat. Southwest of Los Islotes is the popular dive spot of El Bajito, where you can see a range of tropical fish. Sail to San Evaristo for the evening, and you can anchor at this well-protected fishing village.

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Day 3: San Evaristo to Isla San Francisco

San Francisquito Island.

The bay of Isla San Francisquito / Francisco makes another popular anchorage with red rock cliffs, crystal clear water, and white sand beaches. There is space for many boats at anchor, and you can head to shore for a hike or lie in the sand, and cool off by snorkeling in the water or maybe a spot of fishing?

Day 4: Isla San Francisco to Isla San Jose

White Ibis,Eudocimus albus,perched on a mangrove tree on Isla San Jose Sea of Cortez,Mexico

Spend the night anchored at Amortajada, on the southwestern tip of Isla San Jose. Explore the mangroves and lagoon in your dinghy or by kayak, and you can spot herons and white egrets either on land or flying through the air.

Day 5: Isla San Jose to Isla Espiritu

Isla Espiritu

Santo Bahia San Gabriel on Isla Espiritu Santo is a stunning large bay and is linked to one of the most beautiful beaches on the western shore of the island by a trail through a small creek and this also leads to Playa Bonanza which is on the eastern shore of the island, so there is plenty of exploring for you to do both on foot and with your snorkel gear.

Day 6: Isla Espiritu Santo to Puerto Balandra

Balandra beach mexico

Puerto Balandra is a picture-perfect anchorage, where you will find the famous mushroom rock, El Hongo. Here you can hike, kayak, and snorkel to your heart’s content!

Day 7: Puerto Balandra to La Paz

Mexico yacht charters with boatbookings

Take a short sail back to La Paz for the inescapable end of your charter!

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