Sailing yachts more prominent at the Monaco Yacht Show this year

The number of sailing yachts on display at the Monaco Yacht Show this year was suprisingly increased from previous years.  There were a number of these beauties from Perini Navis, Alloys Yachts International and Dubois Yachts at the show all of which sat comfortably and elegantly next image of sailing yachtto the large and imposing Mega Yachts who usually dominate at Monaco.  The charms and advantages of sailing yachts may be the reason behind the increased interest in these types of yachts; with the increase in fuel prices and the move towards greener yachting practices sailing yachts are the obvious option if you still want to enjoy yourself on the ocean and use the wind as your friend instead of pure engine power.

This increased interest will mean that there will probably be more large and high end sailing yacht options available in the Caribbean this winter than previously, so take the opportunity to have a look at the way travelling the oceans was intended and experience the thrill of sailing yourself.

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