Water Sports in the BVI

BVI Water Sports

Water Sports and Activities in the British Virgin Islands

The tranquil, clear waters of the British Virgin Islands are home to the best swimming, waterskiing, scuba-diving and snorkelling spots in the world. At Boatbookings, however, we're never complacent and love to go above and beyond. We are always wanting to try out the weird and the wonderful so have a look below for our recommendations of alternative activities and which boats give you the best options for charter!

Paddle Board Yoga - TRANQUILITY

paddle board yoga

Virgin Gorda provides a multitude of scenic settings near which you could take up Paddle Board Yoga, probably the healthiest watersport available. The Bitter End Yacht Club is one of the most prestigious pit stops in the world, while the geological formation of The Baths is the perfect backdrop to your downward dog. The soothing rock of the waves might just be your calling, providing you with relaxation, entertainment and a fitness kick, but beware: its harder than it looks! The crew on our luxury catamaran TRANQUILITY are excellent for rustling up a healthy dish to complement your workout.

Seabobbing – MAVERICK

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The Seabob allows you to explore the underwater depths of the BVI or scoot along the surface at exhilarating speeds. The scenery of the BVI’s crystal blue waters, luscious green foliage and pristine white beaches will merge as you skim by the coastline of Peter Island and its famous Deadman’s Bay. MAVERICK, a stunningly beautiful catamaran, is the ideal yacht for trying out this high-octane water sport. With plenty of other toys on board too, Maverick is a fantastic option for enjoying the BVI with friends and family. 

Family Diving – CALLISTA

Diving in the BVI

If you’re a first-time diver, seeking a refresher course or looking to take your whole family into the Caribbean waters, then a spot of beginners diving is a great place to start. There are some fascinating areas around the BVI’s Salt Island, where all ages can take the plunge and explore the marine life beneath your luxury yacht, and CALLISTA could be just the catamaran for you. With space for up to 10 guests, your whole family can come aboard, and diving instructor Captain Roland will teach you all the tricks of the scuba trade and what each area has to offer.

Extreme Diving – NENNE

extreme diving bvi

For those who want to take their dive to the next underwater level, there are endless opportunities awaiting you in the Caribbean playground of the BVI. If you’ve already conquered the Wreck of the Rhone, then you’ll need to find some brand new sites. With both the captain and chef being certified divers on board TELL STAR, they’ll be glad to show you the hidden hotspots such as the submarine canyons and arches of the Dog Islands or Blonde Rock, an incredible sixty-foot volcanic remnant.

Hiking - A3

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There are two main hikes in the BVI and both provide a journey through extraordinary Caribbean flora and fauna, resulting in awe-inspiring views of the surrounding environment. Mount Sage of Tortola is the highest peak in the BVI, while Virgin Gorda’s National Park takes you to a viewpoint thriving with lizards, rare flowers and songbirds. A3 is a stylish and contemporary yacht, crewed by William and Kim who adore the local walks and hikes. They will be happy to show you their favourite routes! 

Our BVI Charter Yachts

The British Virgin Islands is one of our most popular luxury yacht charter destinations. The Boatbookings expert brokers know the area inside and out and, as such, can recommend the best things to do and the must-see sites during your charter. Enquire today for your bespoke BVI proposal!

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