Top Tips on how to book your bareboat sailing charter with a broker

If you are new to the charter world it can seem a daunting task to charter a yacht. With sailing terms, paperwork, invoices, and deposits, it can seem like a bit of a minefield when trying to book your charter. But don’t worry – it really isn’t too hard at all! I will take you through some steps which will allow you to book a yacht charter in the most painless way!

Work with a broker – it’s free!

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First of all, it’s best if you work with a broker. Not only can you compare all the bareboat yachts available to you, get advice on the area, have the best yachts in the market suggested to you, but this service is completely free. Brokers are paid by the yacht owner – you just benefit from all the broker’s knowledge and insight! Just like mortgage brokers, they tend to find the best deal with the best supplier. Brokers are there to assist and support you throughout your charter. Find a broker that has been in the industry a long time, that is more than just a ‘booking platform’ but most importantly – listens to your requirements.

Know what you want

There are over 2,000 bareboat yachts based in Greece alone. If you want a yacht you have to know at least 4 things.
1) DESTINATION! There are too many options to list and show you there are thousands of yachts worldwide ready for a bareboat charter. If you need advice on a sailing region we are more than happy to help – this is best done by a phone call!
2) BUDGET! The most important. Bareboat yachts range from 2000 – 15,000 euros – save your time by trawling through yachts which are not applicable and let us know what your budget is!
3) How many cabins do you require? You’re a family of four and need three cabins, but you also need a skipper and would also like a host. Skippers and hosts need a cabin each, so from thinking you only need three cabins, in fact, you need 5 cabins.
4) Dates. High seasons, midseason, and low season rates vary hugely. As a rule of thumb, high season rates are almost double what low season rates are. For the Mediterranean for example, April/May low season June Midseason July/August sometimes early September High season, September midseason October low season.


Give us as much information as possible! Every bit of information you give us helps us to find the best yacht for you and your guests. Whether you prefer in-mast furling to full batten however small the detail is it helps us so much! Let us know how much experience you have, sailing yachts have different rigging, some areas are better for first-timers than others.


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It is so important that your broker receives feedback on the yachts provided otherwise we cannot continue to assist you with finding you the most suitable yacht. If you disliked the first selection of yachts – tell your broker! We have access to all of the yachts available worldwide so just tell us what you are looking for!

Booking the boat

A good broker will ask if you want to place a selection of yachts on hold – this avoids disappointment! Holds general last around 4-7 days depending on the time of year. Within this time, you have to sign the contract, and transfer the funds – that is it. If you need to get your license verified, do this prior to booking – a good broker will always get this done before you make your first payment.

Itineraries and extra planning

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Brokers are undoubtedly the first point of call when discussing great routes and the best islands to check out. We know, because we go. We have all sailed, travelled swam in the oceans of which we put our guests onto. These itineraries are to be taken with a pinch of salt – weather can hinder plans. Try and keep as flexible as possible, after all its the unplanned adventures which make the memories.

Are you looking to charter?

Get in touch! Whether you are a first-timer, or a salty sea dog we love putting people on the water that are from all walks of life. Speak to our bareboat team here!

A yacht charter broker you say, interesting.

Broker Alice provides an insight into life as a yacht charter broker and explains the mystery behind the infamous dinner party question.. ‘oh a yacht broker you say, how interesting, what exactly do you do!?’

Broker Alice at Antigua Sailing Week, 2019.

Prior to joining the Boatbookings team, I had an idea of what my life as a yacht charter broker would comprise of, however, a lot of the job is very surprising. This job title confuses, interests and outrages the world. I hope that the below begins to explain the nature of the yachting industry and the lifestyle that comes with a very fast-paced, different type of job role.

Becoming a yacht charter broker

This is by no means how to become a yacht charter broker, I just want to share my pathway into the industry. The truth is that I am obsessed with boats. From an early age, I have spent most of my free time, weekends and holidays on the water. Whether I’m on the North Sea, the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, I just love it. I would always joke and say that I wanted to become a yacht broker after university, my family would tell me to stop being ridiculous.

I studied Business and Modern Languages at Newcastle University and acquired two internships during my third year abroad from University. Living on the French Riviera introduced me to the world of yacht charter and to the world of superyachts, boat shows, and day charters. I then spent 6 months working as a translator on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe in a scuba-diving school, once again boats were one of the main focuses in my world.

One year later, I found myself sat overlooking Port Canto in Cannes with Boatbookings CEO being offered a role as a yacht charter broker with Boatbookings. I finished university and spent time in the Cannes office before moving to the London office.

Since joining Boatbookings in 2018, I have traveled extensively to review boats, meet with yacht owners, trial sailing grounds, regattas and the best restaurants in the world to provide clients with an unparalleled yacht charter in any sea on the planet.

The challenges of yacht charter brokerage

The title is not always as glamorous as it may appear. The role does allow you to travel around the globe however the market is very competitive, for the role you need to be aware of every boat, know the best owners, suppliers, base managers and to be truly passionate about the industry. The fast-paced nature of the industry is very busy and takes time to nurture clients. The most challenging nature of the job is most definitely to manage client expectations and to underline the fact that a lower price will most probably result in a lower-standard of yacht charter.

How does a charter broker help with a charter?

With the emergence of online yacht booking platforms I would say that a charter brokers is more important now than ever before to create a bespoke yacht charter journey and to deliver high standards to clients. The main roles of a broker are to:

1- Provide the client with advice and recommendations such that the client can make an informed decision for a charter. Brokers spend a lot of time reviewing boats, their crews and sailing grounds so a good broker can provide you with everything you would need to know to have an unforgettable charter.

2- Every charter broker has access to the same systems and the same boats so I would base a decision based on a relationship rather than with cost associated with a charter.

3- To help you every step of the way with charter planning or preparation. From choosing the right boat to speaking with a captain to finding you the best restaurant on a secluded island, Boatbookings brokers will be sure to provide the best service possible. Ensuring that you profit from the best cooks, hostess’ and local products is a huge advantage of using a broker. See below some of the amazing lobster I had onboard a catamaran in Greece this year. This could be you on your next charter.

4- To be available at any time to help. The brokers are on hand and on the phone to help with any questions you may have at any time.

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