Top 5 Things You Can Do To Help Protect The Mediterranean This Summer

When you charter a boat this summer in the Mediterranean, you will not only have the chance to enjoy the region’s beauty, cuisine, culture and history but also play a crucial part in preserving its delicate marine ecosystem. At Boatbookings, we always look for ways to help our clients have a more environmentally friendly yacht charter. 

Whether a bareboat charter catamaran or crewed charter catamaran, here are five ways you can contribute to being a more responsible boater in the Mediterranean during your yacht charter: 

1. Take Efficient Routes

Planning efficient routes is one of the simplest yet effective ways to reduce your environmental impact onboard a bareboat catamaran this summer. This not only saves fuel but also minimizes your yacht’s overall carbon emissions. Consider plotting courses that take advantage of currents and winds, reducing unnecessary back-and-forth trips, and maintaining a steady, optimal cruising speed. Onboard a crewed catamaran and your captain will ensure you take the most efficient routes. If you want to take it a step further, charter one of our greener crewed catamarans to reduce your impact. 

2. Anchor Responsibly 

Seagrass is vital to the Mediterranean ecosystem, providing habitat for marine life. When anchoring, yachts must do so responsibly, using designated mooring buoys whenever possible. If you anchor, choose sandy areas far from seagrass beds. Technology like sonar helps identify safe anchoring spots. Since 2021, there have been regulations in France that prohibit yachts over 24 meters from anchoring on protected Posidonia seagrass beds for protection. 

3. Proper Waste Management 

Correct waste management is essential for keeping our oceans clean. First, it is recommended that you aim to reduce the amount of waste you produce. On your crewed or bareboat charter, bring reusable water bottles to minimize single-use plastics. While onboard, separate recyclables and dispose of them properly at marina facilities. Request and update your charter preference list to reflect that you wish to use reusables. 

4. Observe Wildlife Responsibly 

The Mediterranean waters and lands are home to diverse wildlife, and observing responsibly is vital to preserving these species. Always maintain a safe distance from animals, especially protected species. In areas known for marine mammals, reduce your speed and ensure minimal disturbance to their habitats. You can also opt for ethical wildlife excursions where you can witness and learn about the varied ecosystems. 

5. Get Involved Locally 

Many coastal communities have programs aimed at protecting the marine environment. Consider engaging with these local environmental initiatives, whether participating in beach clean-ups, supporting local conservation projects, or taking time to learn about regional environmental challenges and solutions. 

By implementing these practices, you can help preserve the Mediterranean’s marine environments for future generations to enjoy. Sustainable yachting isn’t just about reducing our negative impact but about actively contributing to the health of our oceans. Contact the Boatbookings team today to find out how to do so or to book one of our greener crewed catamarans for the next Mediterranean season. 

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