Travel Trends for 2017

Travel is changing as trends in modern society are making leisure, entertainment and lifestyles completely different! This blog will discuss three trends which have been growing over the past year or so, how they will affect holidays and trips, and why a yacht charter can mould to all of these trends!

Experience Driven Travel: People want to go on adventures, so they can tell stories about places and people rather than showcase objects. Whilst products and purchases used to signal a successful holiday, nowadays video footage of activities, and memories of new hobbies have overtaken the materialistic drive.

A yacht charter enables you to try out a variety of different water sport activities, with the luxury of skilled crew onboard to show you the ropes. Also, a yacht provides the advantage of visiting places most people can’t reach, creating stories and memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

Calm Consumer: Relaxation has been a growing trend for a few years, and this is now extending into holidays. Simple travels is what people desire. Many people feel the journeys, planning and organisation of a holiday can take away the enjoyment itself!

Travellers are looking to slow down and feel relaxed after their holiday, rather than needing another one! Yacht charters are ideal for this, as the private space creates a tranquil setting to eat exactly what foods you want, stop at private beaches and tailor your itinerary to your exact preferences.

A Better Me: People want to be the best versions of themselves. Instead of coming back from holiday with nothing to show but several pounds of extra weight and sizzled brain cells from sunbathing, people want to learn new things as a form of entertainment. In this day and age people want to be active in their leisure time, which means travel itineraries are changing. Consumers want a nearby gym to stay fit, to learn new skills and consume healthier foods.

This also links to social media, as people only show the happiest and most luxurious photos to showcase their enviable lifestyle to their friends. What better way to do this than have your own private yacht, with an attentive crew taking you to the secluded coves and fine dining restaurants in the country of your choice!

Get in touch with one of our brokers so we can personalise the perfect itinerary to match these emerging trends for this year, meaning you can have the ideal trip with your family and friends!

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