Cannes You Believe The Celebrities?

Cannes is the most exciting place to be this week, with the vibrant and prestigious film festival in full swing! A-listers have flocked to this glamorous location for premieres, after parties and celebrations. The Palais is alive with music, dancing and most of all movies! The red carpet signifies the exclusivity of the event, yet civilians are brushing shoulders with celebrities as they stroll down the promenade which reminds us that it is all happening on our doorstep!

 Cannes is a magical destination on a normal day, but even more so now, brimming with famous faces and posers, all in the middle of the flashing cameras and excitable pedestrians. The spotlight was on women this year at Cannes Fim festival, with the first female director to open the Cannes Film Festival in 28 years!

Kendall Jenner couldn’t stay away from a party! Kendall and her mother were both spotted lapping up the French Riviera on a luxury yacht, and eve making a splash on the jet ski. She attended the after party at Cap Eden Roc, wearing a sleek and flattering navy dress.

Blake Lively also was embracing the atmopshere, and stunned on the red carpet as per usual. Despite evidently expecting child, her dress was figure flattering and sparkling blue. The ‘heels only’ on the red carpet rule didn’t stop Blake putting her best foot forward. Her movie, The Shallows was the movie she was promoting with her fellow co-stars.

Julia Roberts and her dazzling smile were being photographed all over Cannes. Her movie, Money Monster with co-star Jack O’Connell was being shown in the Palais. In a recent interviewed Julia admitted she “does not believe Pretty Woman would get made today” due to the nature of critique in the film industry and the simplicity of the plot.

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