From the Deck to the Dock: Specialty Onshore Lodging For Ocean Lovers

Poseidan Undersea Resort

When it comes to land lodging, discriminating yacht charter clients often seek more than a simply convenient hotel room.  For yachtsmen who need to be on or near the water, here are some amazing properties that are especially enchanting.

Guiding ships into port may be where lighthouse hotels got their start but now they offer lodging, from budget to posh, guaranteeing dramatic

East Brother Light Station

landscapes and locations on some of the world’s most exciting and perilous harbors. If you are planning a yacht charter in San Francisco, The East Brother Light Station consistently ranks in the top ten lighthouse hotels worldwide.

Jules Verne LodgeGuests will snuggle down in luxurious private bungalows 40 feet below the water line at the proposed Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji.  Spend a couple of days in a fantasy environment characterized by vast amounts of clear acrylic for stunning underwater views. Or, if you are chartering a yacht in Florida and the Keys, step back in time at the Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo. Operated as a “living museum” from the Golden Age of Diving, the lodge offers guests of today a one-of-a-kind experience of yesteryear.

Houseboats of Kerala

For an exotic adventure above the water line a houseboat offers comfort and cultural rewards. The Houseboats of Kerala provide a glimpse of rural Indian life. Located near the Malabar coast of India, These comfortable, converted rice boats are designed for overnight stays and daytime exploration of scenic waterways.

Sala Silvermine

Scandinavia is an increasingly popular yachting destination due to its breathtaking scenery, quaint harbors and endearing culture. Before or after a yacht charter in Sweden the adventuresome traveler can book a hotel suite at the Sala Silvermine, or in a grounded Boeing jet, or a former prison.

Why go for the ordinary when you can opt for the extraordinary? Extending your yacht charter with an alternative lodging option provides a unique opportunity to connect with a region’s culture and history in a way that is both intimate and exhilarating.

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