Luxury Yacht Charter in Greece: Seven Day Itinerary through the Saronic Islands

The Saronic Islands or Argo-Saronic Islands are an archipelago in Greece, named after the Saronic Gulf in which they are located, just off the Greek mainland. Due to their close proximity, these islands are very popular destinations for Athenians.

Visitors here can have a diversified experience ranging from exciting urban bustle to laid-back island flavor. Be prepared to go with the flow and enjoy each remarkable destination for its unique offerings.

Saronic Islands Seven Day Itinerary


Poros Photo Credit Roman Klementschitz

1st day: Marina Alimos – Poros Island

Sail through the narrow channel of the Peloponnese to reach the lush green island of Poros, where old pine forests still stand in the south and center of the island and the landscape is fertile and mountainous.

The town of Poros features neo-classical architecture, enticing tavernas and a variety of shops. Scattered throughout the island are archeological sites and historical points of interest.

2nd day: Poros Island – Spetses Island

Spetses Photo Credit Vaggelis Vlahos

Spetses, the southernmost of the Saronic Islands, is a popular weekend destination where visitors find lovely beaches and quaint restaurants and shops. Cars are not allowed in the main town and transport is on foot, by bicycle, motorbike and horse carriages.

Spetses is ideal for a walking tour along traditional narrow streets lined with beautiful Venetian buildings that attest to a wealthy past. For hikers, there are many monasteries connected by trails through a lush gentle landscape that is green and beautiful.

3rd day: Spetses Islands – Leonidio and Plaka

Near the ancient city of Prasiae on the Peleponnese coast, the town of Leonidio emerges from a breathtaking landscape. The second century geographer Pausanias declared the fertile area β€œthe garden of Dionysus.” This god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy, according to Greek mythology was found on a Leonidio beach.

Four kilometers from town, the picturesque port of Plaka beckons visitors to enjoy any of several tavernas and bars immediately adjacent to the sea. In August, Plaka hosts the “Tsakonian Eggplant Festival”, where chefs from across Europe compete in an event that grows increasingly popular with participants and spectators alike.

4th day: Leonidio – Hydra Island

Hydra is one of the most impressive islands of the Saronic Gulf and has long attracted photographers and painters who love its quaint, little, crescent shaped harbor.

Clustered here are an intriguing assortment of restaurants, shops, markets, and galleries that cater to tourists and locals alike.

5th day: Hydra Island – Aegina Island


Aegina, located just 27 kilometers from Athens, was a rival and a great sea power in ancient times. Aegina has a long and very colorful history with roots in Greek mythology, as a center of trade, of strategic importance, of war, slavery and even as a pirate headquarters.

It also has the distinction of being the first place in Greece where the Greek flag was raised at the end of the War of Independence. The traditional fishing village of Perdika welcomes yachtsmen to the island. The town is a busy place, especially popular on weekends with Athenians.

6th day: Aegina Island – Marina Alimos, Athens

Athens Photo Credit Dimboukas

For the final time we cast off, bound for mainland Greece. Visitors to Athens will find dozens of museums, galleries and historic sites, in addition to superb gourmet restaurants, elegant designer shops, numerous theaters and other entertainment venues. Visit The National Archaeological Museum, which ranks among the top ten museums in the world. Then take your queue from the locals in this crowded, cosmopolitan urban center. Stroll arm in arm along the busy streets, do a bit of window shopping, then relax at one of the many coffee shops and observe the world passing by, just as Athenians have done for centuries.

7th day: Athens – Airport

Today you have to say goodbye to your captain and crew, reflect upon your memorable sunny holiday, and begin planning your next trip to Greece.
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