Classic Yachts make a comeback

These days, the yachting industry is heavily focused on the Super and Mega Yachts that exude wealth, extravagance and paparazzi appeal, but there are those out there that still want to experience yachting as it was originally intended and this has seen the comeback of interest in image of classic yachtClassic Yachts.  Many of these yachts are between 50 to 100 years old, with some even older, and can offer you an awe-inspiring insight to the elegance and glory that many of our forefathers enjoyed and that the owners of these graceful yachts get so passionate about.

Classic yachts are lovingly cared for and generally in near-perfect condition, gleaming with burnished fixtures, polished decks and highly crafted woodwork.  Despite their age, the modern amenities expected on yachts are not forgotten about so your comfort is never compromised.  But perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of these yachts is that you can really learn about them; how they work, how they have been built, where they have been and how they sail as the crew are so proud to show off the prowess of their yacht's classic beauty that they will be only too pleased to answer your questions and indulge your curiousity.

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