Saronic Gulf Bareboat Sailing Itinerary


Saronic Gulf Bareboat Sailing Itinerary

Athens | Aegina | Hydra | Poros | Methana | Epidaurus

If you are looking for a charter that combines idyllic sailing conditions, ancient history, culture and sophistication? If so, look no further than starting a yacht charter from Athens. Otherwise known as sailing the Saronic Gulf, the islands surrounding Athens profit from optimum sailing conditions during the summer months in Greece. The marinas surrounding the captial are the gateway for bareboat yacht charters in the Saronic Gulf. From ancient fishing villages to the historical sites sailing in the Saronic Gulf is perfect for both families and friends! Enjoy the Saronic Gulf onboard either a catamaran or a monohull yacht. 

Here at Boatbookings, we know everything there is to know about chartering in the Saronic Gulf and our brokers are full of knowledge about the sailing conditions, the best available boats and the hidden gems adorning the isalnds of the Saronic Gulf. Get in contact with our expert brokers today to recieve a bespoke proposal and itinerary.

Day 1:  Athens 


Welcome to the gateway to the beautiful Saronic Gulf, embark your yacht in one of the marinas surrounding Athens to start your bareboat charter adventure. Be sure to stock up with all of the delicious local foods and wines for your 7 day adventure. Spend the evening relaxing at one of the local marinas, there are many great restaurants to explore in the surrouding marinas. 

Day 2- Athens to Aegina

Aegina sunset

Head southwest to Aegina Island, a popular destination with native Greeks. Explore the ancient ruins at the Temple of Aphaia and the Temple of Apollo at Kolona. The village of Perdika is recommended for your first night on Aegina island, this is a quaint fishing village that benefits from some of the best seafood across Greece. This is an authentic village full of life and traditional culture. Aegina has a thriving sailing scene and the cosmopolitan island is common point of call for charters returning to Athens. The main town has plenty of tavernas (small Greek restaurants) where you will find fellow sailors to swap stories with. Take a trip to the Temple of Athena Aphaia, an impressive temple from 500 BC.

Day 3- Aegina to Hydra

Donkeys in Hydra

Hydra is one of the most striking destaintions in the whole of Greece. The first thing to note upon arrival is the fact that there are no cars permitted on the island, all transport is either by foot or by donkey. There are many churches to explore. Be sure to explore the works of many local and famous artists. The elegant stone houses dominate the coast line. This island is rich in contemporary culture and is a favourite amongst both sailors and artists from around the globe. 

Day 4- Hydra to Poros


 Head east to the island of Poros. This town is built on a very narrow penninusla and is known for its bar and restaurant scene. Rich in vegetation, Poros is only two hundred metres off the mainland. Explore the variety of the architecture on the island, complete with clock tower built in 1927. View the Temple of Poseidon and articles which have been found in the small archaeological museum. 

Day 5- Poros to Vathi, Methana

Vathi Methana

Methana is one of the quieter destiantions along the itinerary. You will sail past some of the most beautiful sceneries that Greece has to offer along this itinerary. 

Day 6- Methana to Epidaurus


ESail across the beautiful bay and head towards Epidaurus town. Epidaurus town is the perfect place for the final night of your yacht charter. This is a beautiful dstination for some local Greek cuisine. The town is most famous for the Epidaurus Threatre, recognised globally for its 4th Century BC History and its symettrical layout. This theatre is one of the best-preserved historical sites on the globe and accurately represents the ancient world.  

Day 7: Epidaurus to Athens 

Athens Greece

 Return to base in Athens on your final day of sailing. But do not fear, there are plenty of other Greek islands for you to visit on your bareboat charter, so you can start to plan your next vacation with the help of our handy distance calculator upon your return. 

Boatbookings tips for a Saronic charter

Upgrade your charter and add a cook to your bareboat charter to sample some of the best food that the area has to offer. The below photograph was taken onboard a Boatbookings yacht charter. 

If you are interested in chartering a bareboat sailboat or catamaran in Greece with Boatbookings, please contact one of our expert team of brokers for a bespoke itinerary and proposal today.


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