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Ionian Islands Yacht Charter Guide | Greece
Overview | Motor Yachts | Catamarans | Sailing Yachts | Bareboats Destinations | Cuisine | Ionian Charter Yachts The Ionians provide a blissful island oasis for charterers seeking isolated anchorages for...  [Read on] There are 4 additional articles in this category.
7 Day Ionian Crewed Motor Yacht Itinerary | Kefalonia
Day 1: Kefalonia | Day 2: Paxos | Day 3: Corfu | Day 4: Parga | Day 5: Meganisi | Day 6: Ithaca | Day 7: Zakynthos | Day 8: Disembark at Noon The Ionian Islands are a blend of breathtaking scenery, azure waters an...  [Read on]
7 Day Ionian Crewed Catamaran Itinerary | Corfu
Day 1: Corfu & Paxos | Day 2: Antipaxos & Lefkas | Day 3: Meganisi | Day 4: Kioni, Ithaka | Day 5: Fiskardo, Kefalonia | Day 6: Assos | Day 7: Foki Beach & Sami | Day 8: Disembark at Noon Venture into the heart o...  [Read on]
7-Day Ionian Crewed Catamaran Itinerary | Lefkas
Day 1: Lefkas Port | Day 2: Paleros | Day 3: Kalamos | Day 4: Kastos | Day 5: Sivota | Day 6: Meganisi | Day 7: Lefkas Port Set sail on the ultimate 7-day adventure in the Southern Ionian Islands this summer, onbo...  [Read on]
Charter a Luxury Yacht and Crewed Catamaran in Greece's Ionian Islands 2024 and 2025
The Ionian Islands, whether on a motor yacht, catamaran or sailboat, located on Greece’s west coast, are an idyllic sailing and cruising destination both for their picturesque surroundings as well as for their favora...  [Read on] There are 4 additional articles in this category.
Athens to the Ionian Islands Crewed Motor Yacht Itinerary
Athens - Corinth Canal | Kefalonia | Kefalonia - Lefkas | Lefkas - Ithaki  Ithaki - Zakynthos | Zakynthos - Killini | Killini - Nafpaktos | Nafpaktos - Corinth Canal - Athens  Embark in Athens a...  [Read on]
6-Day Ionian Islands Motor Yacht Itinerary | Corfu
Day 1: Corfu | Day 2: Sivota | Day 3: Paxos | Day 4: Kefalonia | Day 5: Ithaca | Day 6: Lefkada The Ionian Islands are an idyllic group of islands on the west coast of Greece that are the perfect destination for y...  [Read on]
7 Day Southern Ionian Bareboat Sailing Itinerary
Day 1: Lefkas | Day 2: Kalamos | Day 3: Meganisi | Day 4: Ithica  Day 5: Vassaliki | Day 6: Lefkada | Day 7: Lefkas Arrive at Lefkas marina for 5 pm ready to board your own private yacht! The...  [Read on]

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