Fabulous French Riviera

Are you tuning into the new hit series that explores the rich Clios family tales across the French Riviera? This drama does the French Riviera justice, with its unrivalled drone shots of Monaco and panoramic angles of Nice.  Also, discover the new marvel from Rolls Royce, in the form of a high performance yacht, and which celebrities are gracing the French Riviera with their presence this summer!
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Highlights of Monaco and the Surrounding Bays

You are spoilt for choice with places to visit in the impressive Principality of Monaco including opulent casinos, fragrant gardens and the Prince’s Palace (Palais Princier) along with the world famous Grand Prix circuit, all leading back to the popular port Hercule where some of the world’s finest yachts can be found. So, rent a yacht in Monaco for an all round unrivalled experienced of this lavish location.


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Monaco Day Charter

Monaco, one of the smallest and most prestigious countries in the world is home to some wonderful yachts available for day charters. Leaving the port, you can look back on the stunning Principality whilst heading along the exquisite coastline, but where will you go on your trip along the Riviera?

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