Swimwear, SUVs and Sir Richard Branson!

There are some glamorous new products and facilities entering the market! There is an exclusive new swimwear line, available in hotspot destinations, for the fashionistas amongst you. There is news from Sir Richard Branson regarding new luxurious property in the BVIs, so for anyone looking for a luxury break in the Caribbean it will be hard to top the extreme luxury of this resort. Furthermore, Land Rover have shocked car fanatics with their new invention, just when you think there that nothing can shock you in the automobile industry…

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Luxury Nautical is on Trend This Summer!

This summer the ‘nautical’ look is making it’s mark. Here are some quirky and questionable trends that we have noticed are very popular in the French Riviera.

Is green the new black? Adidas are striving to save the seas by creating trainers made using garbage from the sea. This innovative design is partially made from waste materials; the sole of the sneaker from sustainable materials whilst the upper part is from recycled ocean waste. The trash was collected whilst on a mission to monitor illegal poaching, hence the colour of the shoe stemming from the green fishing nets used in the expedition.

Image from The Weather Network

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