Top 5 Essential Tips For an Eco-Conscious Yacht Charter This Summer

As the Mediterranean summer charter season is finally here, many guests seek ways to enjoy a crewed yacht charter while minimizing their environmental impact. At Boatbookings, we believe sustainability and yachting experiences can go hand in hand. So, here are some ways you can ensure you embrace more sustainable practices this summer onboard your next boat charter: 

1. Choose A Greener Yacht 

The first step toward a more sustainable yacht charter is selecting a yacht with minimal impact on our oceans. We are committed to minimizing our fleet’s carbon footprint and championing this selection of greener crewed charter catamarans. A range of technologies, such as solar, wind, and electric, are being incorporated into yacht design to reduce emissions. The Sunreef Eco 50 Tiril is a prime example of utilizing this solar energy.

2. Eco-Friendly Playtime 

Nothing says summer like watersports. There didn’t used to be a lot of choice when trying to minimize your impact with fossil fuel-powered toys, but today, there are increasingly innovative designs and green technology when it comes to on-the-water fun. Whether you keep it simple and opt for human-powered fun through paddleboarding and kayaking, zip around on an electric-powered jet board, or launch yourself onto a hydrofoil water toy, it does not have to have a negative impact any longer. 

3. Docking Responsibly 

Whether you go for a bareboat or crewed charter catamaran for your summer yachting vacation, you will likely tie up in a marina or two. When choosing a marina, look for those accredited to the Clean Marinas Program and The Blue Flag award; both set standards for better eco-awareness and environmental preservation within marinas worldwide, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. We always advocate staying in a marina that adheres to regulations and implements sustainable practices. 

4. Careful Consumption 

While our charter boats are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, it is essential to use the resources mindfully. Reduce excessive energy and water consumption while onboard your charter yacht. Before your charter, be sure to request eco-friendly toiletries and cleaning products to be used onboard; opting for reusables and nontoxic products are small changes but ones that make a big difference to our oceans. While onboard, you can also request that the chefs use local and seasonal produce, reducing your food miles and ensuring you get the freshest and tastiest menus! 

5. Offset Your Carbon 

At Boatbookings, we are passionate about helping our clients reduce their impact as much as possible. We have developed our carbon offset calculator to help understand the cost of carbon credits, which will offset the carbon footprint of their charter. Carbon offsetting is to offset unavoidable carbon emissions through certified carbon credits. Our work with Climate Care, funding UN-approved projects, ensures that credits go toward approved projects. 

Contact one of our Boatbookings team today if you would like to learn more about our greener crewed charter catamarans or for more general information about how to reduce your impact this summer. 

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