Quarantine sailing quiz!

Test out your sailing knowledge with out quarantine sailing quiz!

If you are like most, you have probably engaged in some form of quiz over the past few weeks so we decided to create our own Sailing Quiz! This goes out to all the yachties out there who are fed up with the football questions! The answers are at the bottom of the page – enjoy!

Q1. How many knots is 10mph?
A) 8.6 B) 9.6 C) 10.6

Q2. What is the correct way to end a radio conversation?
A) Over and out B) Over C) Out

Q3. What is the most common way of mooring in the Mediterranean?
A) Side to B) Stern to C) Bow to

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Q4. On a boat, where would you find the Skeg?
A) Keel B) Boom C) Rudder

Q5. Name the knot pictured below!
A) Reef Knot B) Clove Hitch C) Bowline

Q6. What is the main difference between a Jib and a Genoa?
A) Jibs is a bigger triangle B) A Genoa is larger and passes the mainsail C) The Jib has 2 90 degree right angles.

Q7. In sound signals what do 3 short blasts mean?
A) Turning to Port B) Engines in astern C) I intend to overtake on your port side

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Q8. Name this marker pictured below!
A) Port marker B) West Cardinal C) Isolated danger

Q9. Where would you find the saloon on a yacht?
A) Main communal area on the main deck B) An area in the bathroom (head) B) The attachment to the mast

Q10. The term ‘skipper’ derived from?
A) A dutch word B) Because the captain would skip to the helm C) Many sailors did not know how to spell captain


From all of us at Boatbookings, we hope you enjoyed the quiz and we all look forward to getting you out on the water! Please share this quiz with friends and family!


  1. A – 8.6
  2. C – Out
  3. B – Stern to
  4. C – Rudder
  5. C – Bowline
  6. B – A genoa is larger and passes the mainsail
  7. B – Engines in astern
  8. B – West Cardinal
  9. A – Main communal area
  10. A – A dutch word

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