Iceland: A Summer Like No Other

While Iceland’s sailing season only lasts from May until mid September, your boundaries are limitless thanks to it being the land of the midnight sun. With 24 hour sunlight, you have all the time in the world to explore this fascinating coastline.


The Western Fjords


Visiting the Western Fjords means you’ll have the bragging rights of seeing the westernmost point in Europe. Oh, and some absolutely stunning scenery. Iceland is a blank canvas of peaceful walks into misty solitude with every single one, without fail, resulting in a strikingly beautiful view.

Unlimited Hiking Opportunities


Valleys don’t come much more dramatic than this one, with a snaking stream splitting two jagged faces as far as the eye can see. Iceland’s beauty doesn’t always come handed to you on a plate, but once you’ve donned your hiking boots you don’t have to look far before finding vistas like this. With the Atlantic fjords slicing into the island, you can sail your yacht right up into the rocky heart of Iceland.

Untouched Natural Beauty


With little pollution and a tiny, isolated population, Iceland is almost exactly how it was when it was formed 18 million years ago. Pristine waters with a dull green glow allow you to marvel in the marine life that laps up to the volcanic coast.

Iceland has to take the biscuit as Europe’s most dramatic yet peaceful destinations. With a relatively short sailing season, make sure you don’t miss out on a volcanic 2017 by starting to plan now!

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