5 Motives for Martinique!

There are a plethora of reasons for a yacht charter Martinique; this captivating Caribbean island fuses together the Caribbean relaxed vibe with the French culture, to form a unique and enchanting destination. The variety of landscape and warm atmosphere, combined with the luscious rainforests and eye-catching beaches make this gorgeous island a playground for families or adventurous individuals. We’ve lined up just 5 reasons to motivate you to go…

Explore the island of Martinique!

Activities: It is extremely difficult to be bored on this island, as there are activities and outdoor adventures for everyone. The scuba and snorkeling will delight the water babies, as they dart between the schools of fish which boast a kaleidoscope of colours. The Zoo de Martinique provides very popular with the children if you want a fun family day out with monkeys, jaguars and pumas, or you can follow the trail up Montagne Pelée which is renowned for its explosive history and unparalleled views. Not for the fainthearted, mind!

GalleryImage_809_1608.png9dd527Sights: Step back in time and explore the ruins of the 18th century theatre in Saint-Pierre, spiral back through history when you traipse around the stage where 800 people would come to watch performances! The ruins include a prisoner’s cell, which was the only thing to withstand the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902, making the prisoner the only survivor. Slightly further south, you’ll find Jardin de Balata 10km outside of Fort de France. This botanical garden is embedded in the rainforest and even if you aren’t overly green-fingered, the hour long walk around the gardens offers stunning scenery and tranquility.

Depaz Distillery. Image from TripAdvisor

Rum Distilleries: If you didn’t drink rum in the Caribbean, did you really go!? Follow La Route des Rhums, which takes in the total of 10 distilleries on the island. Most Caribbean islands are lucky enough to have just one nowadays! Learn how the rum is made in a stunning settings perched on the hilltops, surrounded by sugarcane fields. Try Saint James distillery, where a train will take you on a walk through time across the sugar cane fields and you can step inside the rum museum. Of course, you can have a taste of the rum for yourself as well!

The French-Caribbean twist:  Nobody understands why the combination of the Caribbean and French elements works so well, but believe us, but it does! There’s the combination of French-Creole cuisine, taking French gastronomy and mixing it with local produce, as well as the growth of the carnival culture, music and fashion. It makes island life a pure luxury for those wanting something more special during their holiday, where you can sit back in a Caribbean style hotel, and enjoy the top service and cuisine influenced by the French.

big_ula---privilege-main17712_c6b5dbThe sailing opportunities! What better way to explore the hidden coves and beaches scattered around the 436 square miles of Martinique than with a catamaran? Their shallow drafts and wide beams are perfect for anchorages and comfort. Drift around the island on the gleaming, blue water whilst dining on the aft deck or sunbathing on the trampoline. Catamarans and the Caribbean go hand in hand, so you’d be mad not to try it!

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