Hiking La Soufriere on the Island of St. Vincent in the Grenadines!

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the most beautiful places to cruise, and St. Vincent is the perfect island to begin your holiday.  Before you pick up your yacht for your grenadines boat charter and if you are an avid hiker, then this challenging adventure takes you to the top of St. Vincent’s, La Soufriere Volcano, where you’ll experience the breath-taking views and a top-of-the-world euphoria found only at the summit of such world class hikes.  la Soufreire

St. Vincent’s La Soufriere Volcano dominates the north side of the island and is accessible from either the leeward or windward coasts.  There is a paved farm track from Rabacca on the windward coast, which is the most popular hiking route that will take you inland through plantations of bananas until it reaches the clearly marked trailhead.   From this point it is a 2-hour steady uphill climb to the crater’s edge.  During the 2 hour hike you will go through rainforest, montane thicket and cloud forest before arriving at the stunning volcanic rock and ash-strewn rim of this incredible crater.LaSoufre2The crater is immense and will fill your entire field of vision with an active lava dome located at its centre.  There’s a trail that continues around the crater’s edge and then down through the forest until it reaches the village of Richmond on the leeward coast.  If you’re feeling really adventurous it is possible to go down in the crater and walk around the active dome.  A rope stretches all the was down the steep trail to the crater floor which will add an additional 2 hours to your hiking experience.  Please note that an approved Tour Guide in required.

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