Quadrofoil: Is this the New Jet Ski?

Did you think that jet skis couldn’t get cooler? It has been a while since we’ve got excited by a new water toy, but the Slovenian built Quadrofoil is definitely worth writing home about!

With a build slightly reminiscent of an long-legged insect, the Quadrofoil ‘flies’ over water at the cost of less than €1.00 per hour! The personal watercraft can reach a top speed of 21knots given that it only weighs a mere 100kg. Rather than the passenger struggling to see past the view of the driver’s lifejacket as they would on a jet ski, the staggered seating allows the person seated behind to enjoy 360degree views, without the driver obstructing what they can see ahead of them.

The Quadrofoil seats a driver and passenger with room to spare and see!

One of the Quadrofoil’s best selling points is that it’s electric; so no need to use petrol or pollute the water, and it doesn’t generate as much noise as other PWCs. It’s also unsinkable (and apparently not in the way the Titanic was!), with a completely hollow body that won’t allow any water in, so even if all the hydrofoil legs fall off, you won’t need to practice your swimming straight away. The first models of the Quadrofoil are due to be delivered in March 2015 – and one of them could be yours for €22,500.

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