Luxury Charter Yacht Gadgets, including an Amphibious Quadbike!

Keeping with our recent theme of James Bond style gossip, our latest blog covers all of the best luxury yachting gadgets to have. Not only is this to coincide with the upcoming release of Skyfall but with Christmas coming soon, we thought this would be a great chance to start having a think about those all important presents.

Amphibious Quadbike

Just imagine – your yacht docks somewhere, and you hop on a jetski to land. When you get to land, you don’t get off the jetski, but it turns into a quadbike, with which you can go exploring. We’re completely in awe by this new gadget, made by Gibbs Sports Amphibians, and is called Quadski.

Top iPhone Yachting Apps:

Yachting Weather

Yacthing Weather is a great app for Captains, sailors, or anyone interested in the weather on the waters. It’s a great application that we’ve been using for some months now, and each update just gets better and better. It gives you all the information you would need to plan your charter, from temperature, wind direction and speed, wave height, wave length, wave period, storm risk, precipitation risk, humidity, pressure. It’s a great weather app in general, not only useful for those on the water.

Available for free, we highly recommend trying the app out!

Compass Eye – Marine Navigation and Bearings

Compass Eye is another great iPhone app, available at £2.99, that works with real-time camera and map views, bearing markers and an 8x zoom. Compass Eye is a fun way to make sure of your bearing. As most compass apps rely on a horizontal bearing and work only on that angle, but Compass Eye works on any angle or with any orientation, with the use of the camera.

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