Luxury Yacht Charter for the Monaco Grand Prix 2013, Part I.

The Monaco Grand Prix is arguably the most famous and prestigious motor race in the world, alongside the 24 Hour Le Mans and Indianapolis 500 races. There is, however, no doubt that the Monaco Grand Prix is the most glamorous sporting event in the world, which attracts hundreds of celebrities, business VIP’s and royals every year! The streets of Monte Carlo have played host to the Grand Prix since 1929, providing a combination of tight corners, sweeping bends and fast straights. This is by far, the most accessible motor racing track in the world, being at the public’s disposal for 51 weeks of the year. There is therefore no surprise that every weekend, you will see, or more often hear the sounds of young men driving around the streets of Monte Carlo in their Ferrari’s, Mercedes’ and Lamborghini’s.

This Circuit is unique in the Formula 1 Calendar:

1) The circuit is the only one to feature a long tunnel, forcing the drivers to adjust their eyes from sun to shade on every lap.

2) It is the only event on the calendar not to feature a podium – the celebrations are held on the steps of the royal box.

3) Monaco is the only event to hold its practice day on the Thursday before the race, allowing the roads to be opened to the public on the Friday.

There has been no lack of controversy during the races history, including deliberate ploys to block the track, as well as many serious accidents and the fatality of Lorenzo Bandini in 1967. Michael Schumacher has won the race five times, which equaled Graham Hill’s record. Many enthusiasts will argue that the best period of racing was between 1984 and 1993 with Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna dominating the race for the decade. This included the arrest of Senna on the Monday following the race of 1987, where he rode a motorcycle around the track without a helmet! You will be pleased to know that he was released by the police officers, once they had realised who it was.

Therefore, the Monaco Grand Prix has always lived up to its name for being the most popular, entertaining and prestigious motor race in history. It is one of our favourite events on the French Riviera and there is no better way to enjoy it than on a private  Formula One luxury yacht charter. We recommend multiple day luxury yacht charters from Cannes or Antibes on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and traveling to Monaco by water, avoiding the congested motorway. Why not live with the moment and charter a speedy motorboat to Monaco, such as Sur L’Onde, a Baia Atlantica 78. Chartering this yacht at 48 knots will be sure to give you an adrenaline rush! With the emergence of female test drivers in Formula 1, the captain on Sur L’Onde is a female and is renowned for being friendly and offering her clients a great experience on the water. Alternatively, why not meet the yacht in Monaco and arrive from either Cannes/ Mandelieu or Nice on a private helicopter transfer onto the helipad located on Sur L’Onde.

Watch this space for a series of Monaco Grand Prix related blogs, including where to go, what do do and how to do it!

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