Maldives Itinerary: Ancient, Modern and Altogether Breathtaking

The Maldives is a long and narrow country formed by 26 natural atolls in the Indian Ocean. Satellite imagery reveals these atolls to be some of the most beautiful on earth. Superb diving has made the Maldives a premier destination for scuba divers, and since the early 1970s peerless spa resorts have attracted a chic international clientele. A luxury yacht charter is ideal for guests who want to experience everything the Maldives has to offer above and below the waterline.

Maldives Ten-Day Itinerary

Day One: Male’atholhu Uthutuburi to Baa Atoll

Malé on North Malé Atoll

Arrive in the capital city Malé on North Malé Atoll, considered one of the most beautiful atolls on the planet.  Here you will board your yacht and set sail on aquiline waters, past lush palm islands, white sand beaches, and villages endowed with traditional charm. Anchor outside a lagoon in one of the beautiful islands in Baa Atoll. Take a leisurely swim or an awesome snorkel to view parti-colored fish.

Day Two: Baa Atoll

Baa Atoll is an administrative division of the Maldives made up of three separate atolls. Explore Kihaadhuffaru Thila where graceful stingrays and nurse sharks glide through the crystal clear water. Cruise to Gemendhoo, an uninhabited island with verdant vegetation and a powdery white sand beach. Thulhaadhoo Island is traditionally well known for its lacquerwork handicrafts. In the village of Kudarikilu learn about Maldivian island life, visit the mosque and local shops where Thundukunaa, the traditional craft of mat weaving can be observed. Anchor outside Kudarikilu lagoon and relax against the backdrop of endless ocean and scarlet sunset.

Day Three: Baa Atoll to Raa Atoll

Northern Maalhosmadulu Atoll or Raa Atoll is the next atoll in the archipelago. Visit Ugulu and the heritage site of Redhinge Usgandu. Anchor outside Ugulu, renowned as an excellent fishing spot. Cruise to Voadhoo Faru for breathtaking diving. Discover Alifushi, a village famous for traditional boatbuilding.

Day Four: Raa Atoll to Shaviyani Atoll

Enjoy an authentic Maldivian breakfast before heading towards Haa Dhaal Atoll with a stop at Shaviyani Atoll enroute. Visit Maroshi to see the historic Kaani Tree (Cordia Subcordata) that dates back to the 16th century struggle against Portuguese rule.

Day Five: Shaviyani Atoll to Haa Dhaal Atoll

Cruise to Dhaal Atoll where guests may anchor outside the lagoon for lunch. Explore Maamakunudhooo Atoll to the southeast, the site of several shipwrecks including the English ship Persia Merchant, destroyed in 1658, and the Hayston, which ran onto a reef in 1819.

Day Six: Haa Dhaal Atoll to Haa Alif Atoll

Haa Alif Atoll is the northernmost Atoll of the Maldives. Here visitors may explore the historical island of Utheemu, the birthplace of Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu. Utheemu Ganduvaru is the site of the historic residence of this legendary hero attributed with freeing the nation from the Portuguese. Visit Kelaa Island, a British military base during World War II. The mosque here dates from the end of the 17th century. The island is known for the production of yams and cadjan, a mat made of coconut palm leaves. After lunch visit Island Hideaway at Dhonakulhi. This luxury boutique resort is on the privately owned, uninhabited island of Dhonakulhi.

Day Seven: Haa Alif Atoll to Lhaviyani Atoll

Pass by Ekulivaru, an untouched, uninhabited island with a delightful reef for snorkeling and lovely beach for a picnic lunch. Visit Naifaru, a local island where visitors can spend an evening in a local home and experience local delicacies.

Day Eight: Lhaviyani Atoll to Baa Atoll

Angu Faru is an amazing dive site that is home to schools of barracuda, the breeding ground for grey reef sharks, and a common habitat for turtles. Visit Soneva Fushi by Six Senses, featuring the only resort based astronomical observatory of its kind in the world. Divulge in sumptuous gourmet cuisine offered on the dinner menu at the resort.

Day Nine: Baa Atoll to Malé Atoll

Aquum at Labriz

Cruise to Male’ Atoll where visitors may select from a variety of activities including a scenic photo flight, a city tour, or a visit to Huvafen Fushi, managed by Per Aquum Resorts and Spas, which features a unique, world class under water spa.

Day Ten: Malé Atoll to Malé International Airport

Bid your Captain and Crew a fond farewell and begin the journey home. While enroute, envision destinations for your next spectacular luxury yacht charter vacation.

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