Beyond Outstanding Dives: Sea Saba, Alluring Caribbean REEF Field Station

REEF, a non-profit organization dedicated to marine research and conservation, would like divers to know about their field station, Sea Saba, a top-notch dive operator located on a small Caribbean island devoid of beaches, but abundant in spectacular dive sites! The island of Saba, located southwest of St. Barths, is known for its unspoiled natural beauty and lack of development, the island has fewer than 2,000 residents. Dive shop owners, Lynn and John, have made scuba diving, travel, and photography their life for well over two decades.

Working with the REEF program, Sea Saba continues to improve the knowledge base of their dive instructors. Dive staff members are all qualified as REEF Level 3 surveyors. “It’s a win/win/win. We’re making a concerted effort to ensure a great dive experience is had by all our visitors but also by our staff. If we can engage each guide to be more aware and knowledgeable and share this information with our diving guests, dive guides avoid burnout. The enthusiasm is contagious.” says Lynn.

Sea Saba understands and shares REEF’s mission to educate, enlist, and engage divers in marine conservation efforts. In Lynn’s words, “Fish identification skills are a stepping stone in understanding our underwater environment. By sharing knowledge, we not only create better surface interval conversations, we can hope each diver is also an advocate to use what power he/she has to protect this realm: the coral, the fish, the reef, the ocean…our planet.”

Sea Saba hosted the first REEF Field Survey of the year in March and participants confirmed over 150 species sightings during the week, including rare finds such as yellowcheek basslets, punk blennies, and a hammerhead shark. Divers, led by excellent divemasters and staff of Sea Saba, many of whom are active surveyors throughout the Saba Marine Park surrounding this petite island, were thrilled with the natural beauty of Saba, the perfect setting for diving and hiking adventure.

REEF has fascinating dive programs throughout the world that allow divers to learn and participate in marine conservation.

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