Luxury Yacht Charter in Greece: 7 Glorious Days Cruising in the Cyclades Islands

Cyclades Islands

Here we present a sample seven-day yacht charter itinerary through the Cyclades that provides an opportunity to enjoy a bit of everything these islands have to offer. The Cyclades Islands are one of several groups of islands, which together comprise the Aegean archipelago. Arguably the most popular island group, these 220 or so islands are the fertile peaks of a submerged mountainous terrain stretching southeast of Athens.

Each island has a unique splendor and every port a distinct charm. Pristine whitewashed villages that dot the landscape are radiant in the Aegean sun. Vendors on donkeys still ply their wares along the winding roads that link historic sites dating back over thousands of years. Beautiful beaches and charming harbors beckon with delightful seaside restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

1st day: Athens – Kea Island
Kea is an island of the Cyclades archipelago, in the Aegean Sea, 60 km southeast of Athens. After decades of depopulation the island has been popularized by Athenian yachtsmen who appreciate its remote charm yet proximity to the city. Ayia Irini is a Bronze Age settlement dating to the late Minoan period. The classical era lyric poets Simonides and Bacclides come from this island. The Byzantine Empire brought prosperity to the island until

Ios Island Photo Credit: Stefanos Kofopoulos

control by the Venetians during the Middle Ages. The Turks also occupied the little island. This checkered past contributes to an intriguing archeological and architectural legacy. On your visit be sure to include time for leisurely seaside dining at the picturesque fishing hamlet of Vourkari, popular for its local charm and excellent restaurants.

2nd day: Kea Island to – Siros Island
Rocky Siros, or Sira, is the commercial, administrative and cultural capital island of the Cyclades. This is a very popular destination that offers something for everyone. There are excellent restaurants, tavernas with live music, shops, even a casino. Beautiful beaches are ideal for water sports. History buffs can visit archaeology sites dating from 2800 to 2300 BC. In the 19th century Siros was a wealthy and powerful port. Impressive neoclassical buildings and large mansions from this era remain intact throughout the island.

3rd day: Siros Island – Mykonos Island
Mykonos is a whitewashed paradise of magnificent natural beauty. Mykonos has been a famous tourist Mecca for decades, with a history stretching back over 2,000 years. It has long been a playground for the rich and famous boasting beautiful beaches, delightful shops and restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. Here locals and backpackers mingle amongst the jet setters, artists and celebrities from all over the world. The renowned architecture of whitewashed houses, diminutive storefronts and Byzantine churches, emerge along narrow, winding passageways as if sculpted from the cliffs. The cosmopolitan flavor of Mykonos is a delightful contrast to the simplicity of other islands.

4th day: Mykonos Island – Serifos Island
Serifos is a lovely island dotted with traditional villages and coastal resorts. The harbor is lined with outdoor restaurants and tavernas and is an ideal spot to enjoy a carafe of local wine while absorbing the view. The white houses and churches of Chora, the capital of Serifos, are perched high on a hill overlooking the harbor. At the entrance to the village is a grouping of windmills, some of which have been turned into most unusual houses. On a clear day the panoramic view from here includes the islands of Sifnos, Naxos, Paros and Antiparos.

Photo Credit:Sergio Alvarez

5th day: Serifos Island – Kythnos Island
Kythnos or Thermia is a quiet, unspoiled island favored by Greek tourists. Anchor in crystal clear water that gently laps white sand beaches. The traditional villages of Chora and Driopida are very picturesque and offer panoramic views. Loutra resort has warm, curative, sulfur spa waters that tradition says come from Vesuvius and have been a healing source since ancient times.

6th day: Kithnos Island – Marina Alimos, Athens
For the final time we raise our sails bound for mainland Greece. Arriving in Athens there is always much to see and do. Athens has dozens of museums, galleries and

Syntagma Square Photo Credit: Dimorsitanos

historic sites, in addition to superb gourmet restaurants, elegant designer shops, numerous theaters and other entertainment venues. Visit The National Archaeological Museum, which ranks among the top ten museums in the world. Then take your queue from the locals in this crowded, cosmopolitan urban center. Stroll arm in arm along the busy streets, do a bit of window shopping, then relax at one of the many coffee shops that line Syntagma Square and observe the world passing by, just as Athenians have done for centuries.

7th day: Athens – Airport
Today you have to say goodbye to your captain and crew, reflect upon your memorable sunny holiday, and begin planning your next trip to Greece.

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