New for the Yacht: Thermal Night Vision Cameras

FLIR thermal cameras are fast becoming ubiquitous in the marine industry, providing images for a variety of applications from footage on the TV series ‘Deadliest Catch’ to human scanners onboard cruise ships designed to detect disease.

The T300 and T400 Series thermal navigation cameras, which will be available as of today, allow boaters to navigate safely and confidently, seeing obstructions, buoys, and other vessels in total darkness or foul weather conditions.

The cameras can be fully integrated into the navigation system at the helm for easy access to imagery alongside the chartplotter, fishfinder, and radar navigation displays. The optional remote joystick control unit allows captains to navigate with thermal imagery from the main helm, or a remote navigation station.

The T300 Series thermal navigation cameras offer a single thermal imaging sensor while the T400 Series (pictured above) features both a thermal imaging camera, and a high-performance lowlight video camera. The marine-grade enclosure provides 360°pan and 90° tilt capability for complete coverage from horizon to horizon.

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