10 Top Tips To Get The Best From Your Crewed Yacht Charter Experience – and Enjoy Yourself More!

We have just launched a page on Boatbookings.com designed to help the charterer understand how to work better with the crew so that everyone is comfortable and the charter goes more smoothly.  A synopsis is included below -for full text see Tips To Get The Best From Your Crewed Charter Experience.

1. Make your desires clear before the charter

This generally involves filling out your preference sheets and telling your broker exactly what you want (and don't want) on your charter.

2. Talk to the Captain at the beginning, and regularly throughout the trip

Captains have excellent local knowledge as well as a good sense for itineraries that appeal to different types of clients.  Talk to him regularly, and don't let issues fester – discuss them early!

3. Treat the crew with respect

Yacht Charter Crews are not servants, and should not be treated as such. A bit of courtesy goes a long way!

4. Be flexible on your itinerary

If your captain recommends against a destination, it's probably because he has assessed the risks and believes it is a bad idea. A bit of flexibility on your part can reduce the tension significantly.

5. Remember you're on a boat

Safety has to come first on a yacht – please don't ask the crew to shade the rules.

6. Treat your broker as a partner

Good yacht brokers provide you with free advice based on their experience and knowledge of yachts and crews.  If you establish a trusting relationship with the broker you will find that the process is enjoyable and you may learn about new yachts or destinations that you hadn't heard about.

7. Don't try to do too much on your charter

One of the greatest joys of being on a yacht is relaxing – you don't have to hit three destinations every day like you are on a tour. Plan a day or two of slack in the itinerary, be flexible, and don't hesitate to stay an extra day in a location if you're enjoying it.

8. Don't put the crew or captain in a difficult position

The most stressful position to be in for a captain and crew is when there is a conflict between what you want to do and their judgment of safety or regulations. Please listen to them and understand their reasoning.

9. Babysitting is your responsibility, not the crew's

Most crews love taking care of kids, but it is not their responsibility to be babysitters. They will often offer to help, but bottom line the children are your responsibility.

10. Relax and enjoy!

You are on holiday and have paid for a helpful crew. Let them make some decisions for you, and enjoy the ride!

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