Tips for planning the Perfect Family Yacht Charter

The Triton Newspaper just released the results of a survey that questioned captains and crew about having children as guests onboard yachts. Respondents were primarily crew on yachts between 80 and 140 feet in length.  Over 81% of yachts expect to have kids aboard during the high season, and 74% enjoy having children as guests.

In general, although contractually the legal responsibility belongs to the charterers, the crew make every effort to both entertain and educate their younger guests. Charter yachts normally feature a variety of onboard activities to amuse children and grown-ups alike. Besides cards, board games and entertainment systems with the latest movies, video games and the ever-popular Wii, crews are generally delighted to have a junior chef or mini-mate who is eager to literally learn the ropes.

Typical activities the crew do with kids are fishing (always a huge favorite), water sports (kids love them and it tires them out!), helping  prepare food in the galley, and having a treasure hunt. Kids also love just learning how yachts work, such as seeing the engines, navigation systems, and gadgets in the bridge.

The way to insure a successful family charter is to carefully consider everyone’s needs and expectations in advance. Communication between the charter agent, parents, children and the crew is key to having a great experience that is memorable for everyone, regardless of age.   Please see “Chartering with Children” for some valuable tips on family charter.
Here is the Triton article in its entirety.

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