BVI Odyssey – Foxys and Soggy Dollar – the tale of two beach bars

The last two days of our charter were spent on Jost Van Dyke, with a quick stop on marvellous Sandy Spit – the glorious deserted island ringed with an excellent sandy beach and offering some nice coral snorkeling. The main events on Jost were to be Saturday night at Foxy’s and Sunday all day at the Soggy Dollar Bar, just around the corner.

Empty Foxys on a Saturday nightFoxy’s, to be honest, was disappointing.  We had geared the whole party up for a great party on Saturday, and had been building up Foxy’s throughout the trip (based on previous visits there). But, even though it was a Saturday night and probably 60 boats were anchored in the harbor, there was no atmosphere at Foxy’s and almost no people. By 9pm, there were maybe 20 people in the place, and the recorded music was certainly not begging anyone to hit the dance floor.  Disappointed, we headed back to our cats and had our own parties!

The party scene at White BayWe certainly did not have the same fate at the Soggy Dollar BarWhite Bay has a gorgeous beach, just as nice and clean as Deadmans Bay, Peter Island. And the Soggy Dollar bar was everything you’d want it to be – relaxed, with great beach food (we all had Cheeseburgers in Paradise), magic Painkillers, uplifting Caribbean music, and plenty of happy people arriving and partying throughout the day.  We rafted 3 of our cats together and anchored them 20 feet from the beach, so everyone could swim to shore whenever they desired.  It’s hard to imagine how we could have spent a better day at the beach.

In the evening all of the crowds left, leaving just our boats and 2 others in the Bay. We helped close down the bar, bought our obligatory t-shirts, and then had a group dinner on our rafted boats.  The Soggy Dollar Bar is also a hotel, with elegant evening candlelight dining, but kids are not allowed.

Our suggestion is that perhaps it would have been better to spend two nights in peaceful and beautiful White Bay, and just take a quick taxi over to check out if there was any action at Foxy’s.

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