Yacht Charter Videos…try before you buy!

boat in actionThe team Boatbookings try our utmost to bring you the latest and best in chartering information, yachting destinations and exciting things to do and our new favorite way to bring you closer to your potential chartering experiences is through the medium of video. We proudly bring you six videos from various locations across the globe and hope you enjoy watching them in your spare time!

As much as we would love to spend our time cruising the coastlines of the world to bring you fantastic footage of the beauties and delights that yachting can bring you, there isn’t the time in the working day for us to cover everything, so if you have been somewhere that is worth shouting about and want us to feature it on the site please feel free to send us any photographs or videos of where you have been on your favorite charters! We look forward to hearing from you!
Please note, we will not show anything that shows recognisable faces or nudity and we reserve the right to edit any footage sent to suit the marketing restrictions of our website.

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