Chartering a Yacht on a Budget

During these uncertain times, one thing the most families don't want to cut back on is their holiday.  People are looking to spend less, and insisting on only the best value for their holidays this year.

The same applies for yacht charter.  If you are looking to charter but want to make sure you stretch every dollar, euro or pound, here are some tips that will help you get the best charter this year as possible:

Charter Sailboats and Catamarans – Sailboats and catamarans are significantly less expensive than motor boats, and may offer even more room.  Catamarans offer very large saloons, lots of privacy in the staterooms located in the pontoons, and of course  an infinitely lower fuel consumption.  There is no longer a dichotomy between motor yachts and sailboats when it comes to comfort, but the price can be 2/3rds less when all expenses are added up.

Check the fuel consumption –  A similar sized boat may have dramatically different levels of fuel consumption, and therefore cost.  A 40 meter Benetti Super Yacht may consume less than half of the fuel of a Mangusta. Yes, it will not go quite as fast, but the savings could pay for many meals and shopping excursions along the way!

Look for deals – Not surprisingly, it's more of a “buyer's market” than we've seen in many years in the yacht charter market. If you would like a certain class of boat, let us know what your budget is and we'll see what we can do to find a boat for that price.

Charter where your money stretches further – Areas such as Southeast Asia have a lower cost of living than, say, Western Europe, and once you're there, your currency will stretch much further for provisioning.  Also, within Europe, Croatia and the Canary Islands offer some of the lowest prices for yachts, with no compromise in the beauty of the charter area!  Similarly, the cost of living varies dramatically in the Caribbean Islands, with Mexico having some of the lower charter and cost of living costs in the region.

Book Early! There are plenty of discounts if you book early – before January for the Mediterranean, before September for the Winter season in the Caribbean.  You can easily save 10% to 20% on your charter fee, and your flights will be cheaper as well!

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