Discovering the Beauty of Sardinia on your Luxury Yacht Charter! – Part 2 – La Maddalena

La Maddalena Archipelago is one of the most spectacular highlights of Sardinia. Consisting of 62 islands and islets with 180 km of coast and covering a surface area of 5,134 hectares it provides a plethora of inlets and coves to explore on your charter. Every single island is enclosed in a cocoon of national marine conservation extending 300 – 500 meters into the ocean and makes up the national park of the archipelago, La Maddalena. This insures that La Maddalena is one of the most unique places in the Mediterranean and will continue to be so.

Why not stop off at the island, La Maddalena, the only one inhabited in this Archipelago, and dine on its fantastic Mediterranean cuisine at Locanda del Mirto? Then you could sail across to the island of Caprera where Giuseppe Garibaldi spent the last years of his life and visit his house and tomb. The lack of people you will see on your trip around this Island chain only serves to make the charter all the more special.

Budelli Island is also a must see on your charter and is just one of many examples of this areas natural beauty! The striking cliffs on Razzoli Island that supposedly resemble Henry Moore’s sculptures and La Spiaggia Rosa, more commonly known as the Pink Beach both epitomize La Maddalena National Park.

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