Our Five Favourite French Riviera Activities

With so many celebrated activities, choosing our five favourites wasn’t easy. However, one thing’s for certain; whether you’re into hiking, water sports or cocktails, the Côte d’Azur never disappoints.

Firework Frenzy in Cannes

World famous, world renowned, world class. Cannes has so much to offer throughout the summer months and is a hotspot on the French Riviera that’s not to be missed. Since 1967 the skies above the Côte d’Azur have been illuminated by the Fireworks Festival which you’ll have prime position for, anchored in the Bay of Cannes.


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The Cannes Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique; Charter a Yacht for the Best Fireworks this Summer!

One of the best ways to witness the Cannes Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique this summer is from your own private yacht. Escape the crowds and busy beaches, lie back on your own luxury sun loungers without developing a crick in your neck as you look up to the sky, and watch the battle to win the best fireworks display.

See the sky light up with bursts of colours and dazzling lights, and feel the vibration of the bangs echoing around the bay of Cannes. From your own yacht out on the water, it is like your very own private display. Sit back, sip on a glass of champagne and enjoy your luxury yacht charter in Cannes with your friends and family!

The summer 2013 schedule is as follows:

  • – Sunday 14th July – Greece
    Theme: Le Concert
    By NANOS Fireworks
    (This is also Bastille Day in France, so expect some celebrations!)
  • – Sunday 21st July – Italy
    Theme: From Cannes with Love
    By VACCALLUZZO Pirotecnia
  • – Monday 29th July –  France
    Theme: Le Temps c’est de l’Amour (Time is Love)
    By ECF Evénement

    Aqua Blue Sunseeker
    Yachts such as AQUA BLUE IRELAND make great choices for viewing the fireworks in Cannes
  • – Wednesday 7th August – Hong Kong
    Theme: Les Racines du Fleuve Jaune (The Roots of the Yellow River)
  • – Thursday 15th August – Portugal
    Theme: Radio Artifice
    By LUSO Pirotecnia
  • – Saturday 24th August – France (Out of competition)
    Theme: Explosif Circus
    By J. COUTURIER Org.