Spring Break – Phuket’s top beach clubs

Phuket features more than 30 beaches available around the island, so it is no surprise that beach clubs are a popular choice in Phuket. There’s a varied selection available in size to please all looking for a party on the beach. All of them share the same qualities of fun and sophistication and are fantastic places to enjoy a chilled-out day.

These beach clubs generally include a stylish modern restaurant and bar made from natural elements as near to the sea and sand as possible, organising the occasional party with internationally recognised DJs and artists and a talented chef who can create delicious tapas and snacks, perfectly topped off with an amazing sunset. Here are our top Phuket Beach clubs for Spring Break.

Café del Mar Phuket

One of Ibiza’s most iconic venues, Café del Mar, has now opened its doors with a new beach club at Kamala Beach in Phuket. It combines a sophisticated party atmosphere with a high-quality setting and a great soundtrack of chill-out beats the northern end of Kamala Beach.

The club has a rustic beach-hut look, with a thatch-roofed main bar in the centre. To one side of it is shaded seating on comfortable sofas, while cabanas and large beds occupy a patch of sand to the other side. Behind the bar is a large swimming pool, with single sun loungers and more beds and cabanas around it, as well as a poolside swim-up bar. There’s also a restaurant nearby with indoor and outdoor seating. Reflecting the belief that we are what we eat, their cuisine aims to nourish the soul. Cafe Del Mar is has become one of the most popular beach clubs in Phuket.

HQ Beach Lounge Phuket

HQ Beach Lounge Phuket is a very chic and stylish beach club at the northern end of Kamala Beach. Kamala offers a beautiful stretch of sand to enjoy days on the beach and is found in the next bay over from the infamous party town of Patong. Opened in 2016, it is in a fairly isolated spot, with the nearest neighbour about 200m further along the beach. Modest in size, it is one of the few such places with direct beach access and even a couple of sun pads under the trees, as well as an impressive selection of drinks and classy cuisine in a cool, laid-back setting. The centrepiece is the large smooth marble main bar in the shade of a large sail and surrounded by stools with a rather novel design, featuring a swing-like foot rest. The entire lounge is surrounded by woodland, adding to the sense of privacy and isolation, as well as the available shade. This contemporary seaside hangout offers a casual menu with a healthy focus and fine flavours, HQ Beach Lounge Restaurant presents abundant choices including colourful salads, zesty dishes, comfort food and fresh seafood alongside amazing carefully crafted drink selection ranging from fresh smoothies to slightly more indulgent tipples.

Catch Beach Club

Catch Beach was the first real beach club opening in Phuket many years ago, and by doing so, they triggered a veritable chain reaction all over the island. Catch Beach Club is a bar, restaurant and lounge spot right on the beautiful Bangtao Beach, renowned for its great party atmosphere and international DJ appearances. With a superb beachfront location, excellent food and drinks and great music, it is one of the top chill-out spots throughout the day and a popular party venue at night. Belonging to the same brand as Palm Seaside, HQ Beach Lounge and Twinpalms Phuket, quality and class are absolutely assured. A well-established name in Phuket, Catch gained its notoriety on Surin Beach, but moved to the southern end of Bangtao. After extensive refurbishment, they reopened in 2016 and rapidly reaffirmed their reputation as one of the best beach clubs on the island. Now boasting the unmistakable Catch style, you will find indoor and outdoor dining areas, a large canopy-covered bar, sun loungers, a small splash pool and a selection of poolside salas.

Bluesiam Beach Club

The beach club is difficult to miss from the roadside as it’s constructed from old shipping containers, with a bright red, classic pick-up truck parked outside, among the tall palm trees. The setting of Bluesiam Beach Club is splendid; the entire terrace is right on the beach and is shaded by coconut palms. Bluesiam Beach Club offers a very quiet and laidback place to chill out on Bangtao Beach. You’ll find shaded cabanas, sun loungers and sofas to lay on, with the soft sand just a few steps away. Much of the seating is in the form of stylish rattan sofas with white cushions and low tables. Adding to the atmosphere of the place, beautiful Thai statues are displayed throughout the property. Soft Latino music mingles with the gentle swish of the sea and the occasional spluttering of a local fisherman’s boat engine.A menu of well-made Thai cuisine and skilfully crafted cocktails makes this a great spot for those who like their beach days to be calm and comfortable.

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