What You Should Know About The World’s First All-Electric Boat Race

The electric boat sector is making waves in its journey toward a more sustainable future, with innovative ideas and developments emerging regularly.

At Boatbookings, we have long been a leader in embracing electric boating, which is why we offer our range of greener-crewed charter catamarans. The boating sector as a whole is prioritizing sustainability, with new technologies and concepts introduced, including the boat racing side of things…

The E1 Series 

In February this year, the world’s first all-electric boat race – the E1 Series – was launched. Labeled as “Formula 1 of the seas,” this series has been backed by high-profile names like Tom Brady and Sunreef’s ambassador Rafael Nadal. This pioneering event promises to transform the boating industry by showcasing cutting-edge technologies and more sustainable propulsion systems. 

It has been making its way around the world throughout the year, having kicked off in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This June, it is making its way to Europe, from Puerto Banus in Marbella and Geneva in Switzerland. Then it heads to Monaco in July, finishing up in Rotterdam in September. 

The RaceBird

Specifically built for the E1 Series, the RaceBird is a sleek and powerful electric powerboat developed to push boundaries. It is made of carbon fiber and weighs 800 kg. During the launch event, the RaceBird wowed spectators with its impressive performance. The boat model, with the help of Mercury Racing, reaches up to an eye-watering 50 knots. Kreisel provides advanced battery technology within the boat. 

RaceBird is a testament to the possibilities for the electric boating sector. The sustainable design incorporates state-of-the-art hydrofoil technology, effortlessly gliding through the water, significantly reducing drag, and maximizing energy efficiency. This enhances the boat’s performance and points toward more potential for future solutions on a wider scale. 

An Electric Future 

The E1 Series is an important catalyst for change. By bringing together the best minds in engineering, design, and sustainable technology, it is a platform to drive further technical developments in the electric boating industry. 

Charter Electric Today! 

There are so many benefits to chartering an electric boat for your yacht charter this year. From the improved boating experience to the greener credentials, you can immerse yourself in nature better with silent propulsion while protecting our oceans. 

Deciding to charter an electric boat is about committing to a more sustainable future for the boating industry. As you plan what crewed charter catamaran you will charter next, consider your choice’s impact and contact the Boatbookings team to talk about our greener-crewed charter catamarans and opt for electric. 

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