Bags and electrical devices – how what where and when?!

What type of bag shall I bring?

Hold bag
This is probably one of the most important parts of packing especially on a sailing holiday. With exceptions to the super yachts, space is incredibly valuable on yachts. With space being utilized at every corner the last thing you want is a hardback case! Opt for soft, duffle bag style. Helly Hanson does a good range of sailing bags. Yachts like Dufour, and Bavaria have designed their cabins so you can store bags under their beds.

Hand luggage bag
If you can opt for a backpack instead of a shoulder bag. Just because you are on a sailing holiday does not mean that you will not walk anywhere! Your anchorages which you will visit will have areas where you can hike/investigate. By having a backpack you can pack lunch, bring clothes, cameras while keeping both hands free. Also, when provisioning and picking up yet another 600000 bottles of water you are able to carry it on your back which is far better for your body.

Waterproof bag
You can buy specialized waterproof bags that will keep the content 100% dry. They are fairly cheap, I brought one from Amazon for under £15. This might be deemed a little over the top, but when going ashore in the dingy I was so thankful! It’s also great for protecting a change of clothes and food.

What can I plug into a yacht?

How can I charge my IPhone on a boat?!
Most modern yachts now have USB chargers in cabins and on the nav table which you can plug your devices directly in to. Something to note is the charing rate. When not hooked up to shorepower your devices will charge at a much slower rate. A lot of the yachts available to charter will still have the 12V charger socket (old cigarette port) I would definitely recommend purchasing a 12V plug. They’re super cheap and available almost everywhere. Remember, just like a car, if your charging devices and your engine isn’t on, you are draining the battery!

Hairdryers / Straightening tongs
I would advise limiting the amount of heat you are adding to your hair. The elements are currently trying to destroy your locks of beautiful hair! A lethal combination of Salt, sun, and wind will damage your hair. However, for those that have frizzy unruly hair, this is sometimes not an option! Most marinas will have hairdryers, or somewhere where you can plug into. On yachts it’s slightly different. Yachts are all slightly different when it comes to the larger energy sockets. These plugs only tend to work when hooked up to shore power. They tend to drain a lot of battery power so avoid using these appliances when you are sailing/free swinging.

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