How to Travel, Play and Party!

The luxury trends this season feature the coolest water toys to splash around on, exclusive party lounge and how to get from A to B in style! These new luxury trends cover play, party and travel, which combine the ingredients to make for a successful yacht charter!

When one thinks of luxury yachts, water toys are often a quickly followed thought! They provide the advantage of being smaller, more agile and enable you to reach the secluded coves waiting to be explored. Each year the water sports toys are becoming increasingly impressive, with emerging technology improvements.  The Neck Submarine is the definition of the coolest toy around, on the water or below!  It diminishes the stereotypes of submarines being pokey and dark, with its spacious and light interior and panoramic viewpoints to gaze at the spectacular underwater paradise. So dive deep and enjoy the colourful and tropical delights waiting for you below the surface…

Now the Monaco Grand Prix is over its time to reminisce and be nostalgic about the highlights, and Amber Lounge definitely features! The exclusive club hosts the after party event, which is the single place to be for the glitzy guests and racing drivers themselves.  After the exhilarating and busy time on the racecourse, the drivers come and celebrate, with desirable music, expensive alcohol and glamorous females everywhere! So head to Monaco next year for the action, and end the event on a high in the place to see and be seen!

Bentley, synonymous with luxury, exclusivity and style. So, it is no surprise that the iconic brand has launched a luxury  concierge service available to its valued customers.  In the world of digital disruption, customers are expecting products and services to be available whenever and wherever they choose, so Bentley on demand suits this trend well. For those who love the idea of Uber, but prefer a voyage with more class, this is highly suitable!  Using the app, a customer can simple select a car of choice (or a fleet if needs be!) and within a few clicks they can be well on their way to the next destination.

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