Lollies, Lounges and Lavish Lunches!

It’s all happening in the South of France this summer! Amber lounge have extended into an exotic beach lounge by Meridian beach, POPS have also branched out into a new spirit of lollipop and Menton can proudly boast one of the Top 21 Restaurants in the world!No doubt you have heard of POPS, their champagne ice lollies were extremely popular for garden parties and pool days from the word go! What’s new? The premium popsicle makers have now innovated a premium vodka ice lolly, the Moscow Mule. With Chase Vodka, Fever-Tree ginger beer, bitters and fresh lime, why sip when you can slurp? Lounge by the pool or on your yacht and enjoy the most refreshing ‘beverage’ available! The celebrities adore this brand, with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Kate moss actively endorsing them!

Amber Lounge, known for its incredible F1 after parties, has unveiled Amber Summer, an after beach chill out lounge in Monaco! Amber Summer maintains the same luxurious and elitist reputation offering unrivalled service, trendy DJs and private cabanas. Sonia Irvine states that with the celebrity success such as David Beckham, Jason Derulo and Naomi Campbell, “it is time to bring something new to Monaco”. The aim is to attract an international crowd for memorable Mediterranean nights. So get glammed up and head over to Amber lounge to party with the stars, under the stars! This lavish new beach club will truly be paradise, soaking up the Monaco sun while you can nibble on Asian delights washed down with creative cocktails on ice.

Food is, for many, the most important part of a yacht charter or holiday. So let’s take a look at one of the world’s best restaurants in 2016! Featuring on the top 21 this year is Mirazur in Menton. Menton is on the eastern edge of the French Riviera, close to the border of the Italy so you can easily combine your South of France charter with nipping ashore to dine in this infamous restaurant. Mirazur continues the ascent on the 2016 restaurant list, serving modern French cuisine with Italian hints to reflect its location!

Head to the French Riviera this summer to hang out in Amber Summer, dine in Mirazur and slurp at a vodka popsicle! Get in touch to find out more…

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