The Best Way to enjoy the French Riviera!

Millions of tourists flock to the South of France every year for their summer family vacations. Graced with a beautiful climate, history, cuisine and attractions, the French Riviera has something for everyone, no matter what age! Many examples of film reviews choose to locate themselves between Nice and Cannes, due to the close proximity to the airport. However, St Tropez is the destination of choice for many for a luxurious day out, which causes horrendous traffic jams every year. One way to avoid this is to charter your own yacht for the day from Nice, Antibes or Cannes and you will be in St Tropez in just 90 minutes!

The Riviera from the water is a completely different sight and even more spectacular. You are free to choose your own itinerary and we can help to suggest the best places to stop and swim, to shop and recommend some of the best restaurants in the world. A Cannes Boat Charter should be an essential part of your holiday.

To find out how to organise yours today, take a look at our website and find a yacht you like! Send an email to charter@boatbookings and we would be delighted to help you! Watch this space for the latest industry show releases, news and gossip in the yachting world. If you liked the content on this page and our previous posts, please become a fan and like our Facebook page to receive up to date information on our publications.

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