Race in a Regatta from the Luxury of Your Own Home

A new phenomenon is taking a hold in the world of sailing fanatics, having already signed up some 300,000 players. “Virtual Regatta” is a fantastic new way to skipper your own sailboat, but from the warmth and safety of your own home. Think about this – you can navigate through day and night, storms and calm seas, all from a computer.

We think this is absolutely fantastic, and while 20 real-life skippers are navigating the globe for three months, a large group of virtual skippers are sailing the Vendee Globe too, but from their own homes.

The program has taken the sailing world by storm (excuse the pun), and with great additions such as a worldwide real-time weather simulator, virtual skippers are sure to experience all different types of sailing. Not only does this simulator encompass rain and sun, but accurate wind speed and direction.

Loads of extras are available throughout the regatta, one virtual skipper has paid €20 / $25 to have an autopilot for the night, and an extra choice of sales. It’s not just about being a one man team though, many a group have taken to joining, taking hours each and relaying the race, so they can be as fresh and awake as possible.

Although players don’t have to deal with real life situations of navigating storms and terrible tides, they might have to deal with more expected problems – the Internet. Unfortunately thousands of virtual skippers were left behind recently when the site was off limits for 5 hours due to a technical hitch.

Although we encourage people to give this great program a try, we also very much encourage you to look at being a real life skipper, with a bareboat charter of a catamaran in the BVI this Winter.  Interested in chartering a catamaran in the BVI? See our blog on the Top 3 Crewed Catamarans of the BVI Yacht Show 2012.

If you’re interested in chartering a yacht, please go to boatbookings.com, or email us at [email protected] and one of our charter specialists will get back to you shortly.

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