The Top 3 Luxury Yachting Watches (from Guest Blogger Fraser Strand)

In my opinion there aren’t many experiences more pleasurable than sailing on the open sea. So whilst engaging in one of the most luxurious pursuits, it only follows that you should treat yourself to  an equally luxurious set of gear to accompany you, the most intimate of which is a good sturdy watch. The following timepieces combine the height of men’s luxury with the rugged durability needed to face the oceans deep:

1.    AUDEMARS PIGUET – The Royal Oak Collection

In 1914 HMS Royal Oak was launched as part of a Revenge-Class Battleship which was famously characterised by its octagonal cannon holes. This luxury sailing watch from Audemars Piguet acts as a tribute to the great ship by featuring an eight-sided rose gold bezel mirroring the distinctive and commanding nature of the Royal Oak’s weaponry. In my view, this is one of the most regal watches in the world with a unique historical relevance that gives it aura of commanding dominance.



2.    CARTIER – Calibre de Cartier

It’s no secret that Cartier watches are one of the most luxurious watch brands in the world, however it’s less well-known that they make a lavish range of men’s watches that are ideal for the open seas. Made with glareproof sapphire-crystal glass, the Calibre has a large lens set in a robust stainless steel case that is water resistant to 30 metres. In fact, Cartier have perfected the essential mechanical movements by employing the Swiss-made Calibre 1904-PS MC automatic machinery to exact a level of nautical precision second to none.


3.    JAEGER-LECOULTRE – Duometre

Not only does the Duometre have a stunningly unique and nautical design safe down to 3 meters, but its two independent power reserves provide an almost indefatigable reliability for up to 50 hours at sea. As with all their watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre guarantee over 1,000 hours of control tests which makes the Duometre one of the most reliable Swiss-made timepieces available.


Conclusion – Which is best?

Personally, when it comes to a yachting watch I think it has to be the perfect synthesis between reliability and luxury. Whilst no one does luxury better than Cartier, the Audemars Piaget Royal Oak has a robust yet distinctive style which I think gives it the edge as a true captain’s watch. If all this talk of luxury yachting has whet your appetite then check out some amazing charters at

Fraser Strand is an avid technology writer with a passion for traveling and sailing around the world. On his own blog UK Gadget Review he writes about luxury watches, premium sailing gear, and innovative technology.


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