Seven Luxury Sunseeker Charter Yachts in the Last Four Bond Movies!

When you think of James Bond, you think of a suave, sophisticated man, yet at the same time, the Bond movies are synonymous with action and endless streams of luxurious gadgets. The gadgets don’t just stop at Bond’s watch, or his car, they roam to the seas, in the shape of the Sunseeker.

Sunseeker is one of the world’s most prestigious luxury yacht manufacturers, and in keeping with the Bond theme, directors have placed seven Sunseeker yachts in four of the last Bond movies. In The World is not Enough (1999), a Sunseeker Superhawk 34 made it’s appearance, speeding down the River Thames in London as a pre-title scene. Following this, in Pierce Brosnan’s last movie, Die Another Day (2002), a larger Sunseeker Superhawk 48 sailed onto our screens, when Halle Berry climbed on board.

In the new era of Daniel Craig playing the role of Bond, Sunseekers have become even more frequent. In Casino Royale (2006), two Sunseekers were used. The focus of these was the Predator 108, with cameo roles from both the XS 2000 and the Sportsfish 37. Following this, in the last Bond movie to date, before the release of Skyfall, in Quantam of Solace(2008), a further three Sunseekers were utilized. A Superhawk 43, a smaller Sovereign 17, and a 37m M4.

Whilst we all wait on the release of the newest Bond movie, which has anJeel-II initial release date of the 22nd October 2012, we can’t help but look at all the gossip we know. In Skyfall, REGINA, a Pruva 56m sailboat, will be used. Her large sails and contemporary yet elegant interior would make for a fantastic charter, especially for those who are Bond lovers.

For those who are interested in chartering a fantastic Sunseeker, look no further than JEEL II, a Sunseeker 80, available for charter on the French Riviera. Her bright interior and large deck space are fantastic, complete with ample amounts of sunbathing area, enough for all passengers on board to enjoy the surroundings from the most luxurious of yachts.

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